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Lomachenko admits he thought he was facing Salido instead of Sosa

Photo by: Naoki Fukuda

Junior lightweight titleholder Vasyl Lomachenko admitted he really thought he would face Orlando Salido instead of Jason Sosa this spring and was frustrated Salido withdrew from the bout because of a difference in money. Salido is the only fighter to hand the two-time Olympic gold medalist a loss and Lomachenko, who has since won two titles in different divisions, wants revenge.

“Yes, I was a little disappointed because as far as I knew, everything was going through and everything was agreed (to face Salido) and some kind of agreement was made with Top Rank,” Lomachenko said on a conference call Wednesday through manager/translator Egis Klimas. “But then all of a sudden it came out that he’s not going to fight. But that’s life.”

Lomachenko (7-1, 5 knockouts) will now face Sosa (20-1-4, 15 KOs) of Camden, New Jersey on April 8 at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland in the main event on HBO. Top Rank president Todd duBoef confirmed that undefeated Ukrainian light heavyweight Oleksandr Gvozdyk is “earmarked as a possible” fighter to perform in the co-feature without elaborating on who he would face. Salido wasn’t the only candidate to possibly face Lomachenko.

Panama’s Jezreel Corrales, a 130-pound titleholder, was also under consideration in a unification fight until Corrales went in a different direction. Back in 2014, Lomachenko faced an overweight Salido in just his second professional fight for a featherweight title and lost a split decision in a rugged bout. Lomachenko hasn’t forgotten. “Yeah, I would like to fight Salido,” Lomachenko said. “But it doesn’t depend on me. We’ll see how it’s going to go.”

  • maxx

    Salido knows he would get beat worse than Gatti did against Mayweather, hence no fight.

    • Koninbeor

      Agreed. Lomachenko has improved a lot since that first fight.

      • maxx

        Immensely.Kudos pal

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    • Barley mcgrew

      I just deliberately got that last ever post I sent on the two characters concerned ‘Deleted as Spam’ – because I thought better of fanning the flames and feeding these two. Yet I know you can likely still see it on your Discus feed – and it really does explain all.

      Moving on from these creeps now, Maxx – no more feeding time. Back to boxing – and attacking the moronic Trump (and what a bizarre press conference he gave tonight. Lol). Kudos.

      • maxx

        Truly bizarre and the way he was trying to denigrate our own Jon Sopel who politely and sensibly avoided any confrontation, I must say I have never ever seen a leader of a responsible nation perform in this manner, he was behaving more like Idi Amin than POTUS lol.Kudos Barley and indeed best to ignore the haters.Kudos

        • Barley mcgrew

          That Sopel spat with Trump (Jon Sopel ‘we could go back and forth like this all day’) was indeed both bizarre and hilarious in equal turn – especially Trump’s love for the BBC (Sopel sarcastically ‘fair and balanced’ – Trump ‘just like CNN’).

          * I never should have unblocked the individual concerned. Someone who would never block me because trolls fish for reaction. She achieved it. My bad. Never again. Kudos Maxx.

          • maxx

            Indeed Sopel certainly kept his cool, “British temperament” I say lol and indeed never again seems like the best option.Kudos pal

          • Barley mcgrew

            Made you proud to be British. Lol. Kudos.

          • maxx

            Indeed.Kudos pal

  • ceylon mooney

    loma outclassed him in a rematch. still like to see it. fan of both.

  • Michel Desgrottes

    Salido gonna milk that shit

    • Fist_ti_cuffs

      As he should, until they bring him that fat money bag!

  • Rosalino Sanchez Felix

    that 12th round, Salido was hanging on for dear life!

  • Michel Desgrottes

    This dude loma upset others are focused on the business side, but he’s getting paid 750k a fight, so wtf, other boxers gotta eat too

    • Ciscostudent561


    • tpvero

      tacos are alot cheaper than filet mignon though

  • Charlie U.

    It’d be nice for him to avenge the loss but really he doesn’t need it. He’s universally praised and as high as #1 on some P4P lists.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      That’s right. The way the first fight was trending the last 3 rounds pretty much tells you the jig was up for Salido and he’s lucky the final bell came when it did. The value of avenging the loss would be somewhat tainted by Salido;s age & ring wear anyway.If Loma keeps taking down champions left, right & centre it will eclipse that loss just as well as avenging it.

  • tpvero

    Salido scared.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Nah, he’s been through too much to be scared of anything. He’s just overplaying his hand in terms of how much he;s worth in the rematch.

  • Shawn

    Salido withdrew because he wants to be able to say ” I beat the great Lomachenko” for the rest of his life.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Let it go. I’m over it and I suggest Lomachenko to do the same. It would have been nice to avenge the loss but the the way the last few rounds were going it’s pretty obvious Salido would get abused & probably stopped in a rematch now that Loma has acclimated to the tactics.

    I dont balme Salido for pricing himself out either. He’s been through a lot and taken lots of abuse in the ring so it’s OK for him to want a really good payoff to trade for his 1-0 vs. Lomachenko bragging rights. If not, he may as well take his chances against one of the new belts, Corrales or Davis who might also struggle with his mauling & brawling tactics on first sight so who knows he might cash in that way instead.