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Jacobs believes GGG is overlooking him with plans for Saunders next

Photo by: Naoki Fukuda

Danny Jacobs believes it’s a mistake for Gennady Golovkin’s camp to be making plans for a potential June 10 fight with Billy Joe Saunders in Golovkin’s native Kazakhstan with Golovkin first set to take on Jacobs on March 18 at Madison Square Garden on HBO PPV.

“For them to overlook me like that, there’s no way that can be good for them,” Jacobs told on Monday night from his training camp in Oakland, California. “No way whatsoever is that good for them mentally to already be prepping for another fight.”

While Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler remains coy on a possible Golovkin-Saunders match-up, multiple sources have indicated to that Golovkin’s side is in talks with Saunders for a potential fight in Kazakhstan on June 10. Jacobs thinks it’s a sign he’s not being taken seriously as an opponent for Golovkin’s WBA/WBC/IBF middleweight titles.

“There’s no way that can be good energy for them because in some way, shape or form that’s overlooking me and that’s one thing you can’t do, especially with the way I’m preparing for this fight,” Jacobs told RING. “This is the fight of my life, the fight of my career and for them to be prepping for another fight — man.”

Jacobs believes it all portends to an upset victory for him on March 18. “To be honest, it’s adding up, all the things that’s happening, them not really taking me serious and the fans are viewing me as the clear underdog,” Jacobs went on. “I’m super-duper not supposed to win this fight in the eyes of the public and in the eyes of his team and everybody else and I truly in my heart believe I will win this fight. So for me, it’s going to be a great story. Everyone loves those comeback stories and for them to be doing all these things and for him to be touted as the boogey man and he’s one of the most feared guys in boxing and he’s sparring with light heavyweights and dropping them — all this stuff you can possibly imagine, I’m just telling you — mark my words, it’s going to bite them in the ass.”

  • RStech

    WTF do you care Danny? Just focus on your training and fighting your best fight. Enough with the hurt feelings and claims of disrespect. Talk with your fists if you want to shut him up.

  • darumax

    I hope you aren’t following the press about this bout, but are just responding to reporters’ questions. I’m getting the feeling GGG is already in your head.

  • Paul

    I mean, Danny is a nice guy and all… still getting chinned. The fact your talking about it and its news means you are making it news. GGG is the most professional boxer iv seen in a while, don’t think this will disturb him.

  • Jeffrey Wilsey

    Promoters do not train and fight. Loeffler and K2 may be focusing on a June 10th fight with Saunders, but I’m sure Golovkin is focused solely on the fight with Jacobs.

    • mark elding

      And why can’t genuinely ambitious fighters, who want to remain active against the best available competition, have another date lined up whilst still in training for an earlier bout? Arum went that route for DeLaHoya for much of Oscar’s earlier championship career. Prime Tyson’s career followed a similar template even after winning the title.

      As long as the fighter doesn’t take his eye off the ball it’s great for his development and great for the sport. Golovkin is the sort of seasoned, disciplined pro who won’t overlook anyone.

      We’re so used to seeing current top rated fighters disappear for extended periods with no fight dates looming on the horizon, it almost seems unusual for a guy at that level to be making such future plans. The GGG team should be applauded.

      Jacobs is just praying.

      • Barley mcgrew

        Indeed he is. Dominant, confident champions have always looked/planned ahead to the next fight – even when up against more proven contenders than Jacobs. This sport is a business -and any self-respecting, dominant champion should indeed be planning ahead whilst never neglecting the business at hand.

        Danny’s just a tad miffed nobody gives him a snowman in hell’s chance. And although I give him more chance than that – the New Yorker’s a live underdog to be sure – he’s likely to feel a whole lot more miffed with what fans/writers are saying AFTER the likely mauling that lies ahead.

        On another note, GGG-Jacobs, Brook-Spence – and now the very real possibility of GGG-Saunders. To think of all that wailing and howling at the moon – all those words like ‘punk’ and ‘coward’ so liberally and churlishly hurled around. And yet, just 12 months or so after initially being suggested, it appears the aforementioned fights may well be coming to pass.

        To think the great Joe Frazier fought just two moderate, fringe-contenders, Terry Daniels and Ron Stander (KO5 and KO4) in the 22 month gap between his greatest triumph in the first Ali fight and his worst lost against Foreman.

        And that DESPITE Foreman himself, Mac Foster (just once defeated by Quarry), Quarry (resurgent after losses to Frazier, Ellis and Ali) and Patterson (on a late career tear) all sat high in the ratings and posing far tougher potential competition than mid-western journeyman types like Daniels and Stander.

        Lucky there was no social media back then. I’d wager half today’s fans would be sneering ‘unambitious , barely-proven fraud’ at the great ‘Smoking’ Joe – whilst the other half would be spewing hateful adjectives in the direction of Foreman and Foster for not ‘stepping up’ and testing themselves against such a fearsome champion.

        Patience is indeed a virtue. Or at least it was until twitter/the web happened along. Kudos.

        • Robert Archambault

          I don’t know, Barley. The man who’s face comes up when I Google ‘punk’ and ‘coward’ is Canelo and he is yet to step up to the plate and fight someone at a division limit. 🙂

          • Barley mcgrew

            Lol. I tend to agree. Canelo’s different (hopefully Jacobs and BJS fight GGG next two fights). The Mexican is a huge ‘junior-middleweight. Yet having defeated the far smaller Cotto for the WBC middleweight title I felt he let fans like myself down (always told people he had the potential to be a fine middleweight) when avoiding THAT contest with GGG/ fucking around with ‘Caneloweight’ catchweights.

            And tread water whilst showing little ambition he has done since.

            With you on Canelo, mate (note I carefully omited Canelo’s name). Kudos.

          • Charlie U.

            Canelo might have rubbed a lot of us the wrong way, but I’ll reserve using punk and coward for those who sit behind their keyboards and attack others who are actually taking chances and doing something with their lives.

          • philoe bedoe

            Well said…….

        • philoe bedoe

          Very good points.
          And one of my pet hates of the so called fans of the sport.
          There should be a lot of people out there eating their hats ……….

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          • Barley mcgrew

            They sure SHOULD be. Yet no doubt they’ll creep back unashamed in but a few days to start spewing such nonsense again. Such is the internet. Kudos.

  • Jeffrey Wilsey

    Promoters do not train and fight. Loeffler and K2 may be focusing on a June 10th fight with Saunders, but I’m sure Golovkin is focused solely on the fight with Jacobs.

  • Will Arbuckle

    Why do fighters have to talk shit before a fight lol.. Here’s what to say.. I believe I will win.. Period.. All this about motivation etc etc is bullshit.. The motivation should be beating the number one fighter in your division and being paid millions to do it.. End of story

    • Oc

      Hear, hear mate.

  • Oc

    GGG is a real pro and no matter what his team are doing, I bet you that Golovkin is focused like a motherf””ker on the dangerous Daniels.

    This one will be a much better fight than the proposed scrap with B(oring).J(oe) Saunders.

  • IanF69

    No, No, No…..Professional boxers should never use the words “super-duper” ……that’s for the Cartoon Network only.

    • Barley mcgrew

      Lol. So true.

  • ciobanu catalin

    why wouldn’t he…we all are

  • kiowhatta

    Ohhh… poor Jacobs is not being payed enough attention. As far as I remember, he was a mandatory, even so, GGG has always been solely focused on picking up the last belt to become undisputed champion; so if there arises an opportunity to lock in a fight for the WBO belt, why wouldn’t they take it?
    Given, it’s not ideal for GGG’s focus, but this comes off as Jacobs whining.

    • Robert Archambault

      Golovkin does not worry about who he fights next, he leaves such things up to his team to worry about. The only thing that GGG worries about is his own training. He does not even worry about the guy he will be fighting next because he has no doubt in his mind that he will do anything other than defeat him. He doesn’t waste time talking about it, doesn’t waste time talking about how he is not afraid or not worried or has found how to beat him. All he does is say that he respects his opponent and that he is a great champion and that it will be a great fight. Nothing but compliments and kudos for his opponent. No trash talk, nothing even close to it. That must be more unnerving for an opponent than a loudmouth jumping up and down or someone saying over and over that they are not afraid.

  • Mr Erudite.

    Best laid-plans often go awry.
    Kostya Tszyu vs vince Phillips, King Kostya had big plans on his mind, they were talking up a potential superfight with the Golden boy, Oscar De la Hoya.
    That was 1997, 2017 can history repeat itself?
    This is a very dangerous fight for GGG, the biggest test of his career in my opinion.

    Lining up a future fight before your current one, implies stepping stone status.
    Risky business.

    • Left Hook

      I disagree…with the trouble that GGG has lining up opponents, his team has to start negotiating as soon as possible. Look how long it took to make this fight with Jacobs. Now, if GGG was talking about his next fight that would be cause for concern.

      • Charlie U.

        I think you’re both right. It’s ‘risky business’ but it’s also good business for Team GGG.

      • Barley mcgrew


  • Ciscostudent561

    Even if GGG was looking ahead… these type of fights is exactly hwat he needs. IF he’s fighting every 3 months for the next year its only going to get him greater notoriety and increase his stock. Hopefully BJS steps up to the plate.

  • Robert Archambault

    Jacobs sure is talking a lot while Golovkin is spending his time quietly training and getting ready for the fight. Maybe Jacobs should start doing the same? All GGG’s opponents seem to talk a lot leading up to the fight and it is always the same things… ‘ I see weaknesses that I can exploit’ and ‘I can hurt him’ and ‘GGG is easy to hit’ and on and on and on… Then they step in the ring and get their ass handed to them.
    Here we have Jacobs talking about GGG looking ahead to a BJS fight but I have not read a word from Golovkin or his training camp about this. Even Loeffler stated very clearly that all they are dealing with at this time is the Jacobs fight and they will deal with other fights after this one is over. If you believed everything that is written by ‘reporters’, GGG would have fights against BJS and Eubank Jr. ready to be signed.
    Danny Jacobs thinks he can hurt GGG when what he has to start worrying about is if he can even land a clean punch on him. Lemieux thought he had the solution to Golovkin before they fought as well and look how that turned out? Jacobs is talking about how everyone will see how good his chin is on March 18th and Golovkin will probably put him down with a fucking body shot.
    Bottom line? STFU Danny and do your talking in the ring.

  • Charlie U.

    Not sure why anyone has an issue with Danny gaining extra motivation from this. Athletes use bulletin board material all the time to get that extra push. He knows he’s facing long odds, and if he wants to take the BJS discussions as a signal of disrespect, then good for him. As a fight fan, I’m content knowing that this guy legitimately believes he can win and he’s not just going in there to collect a fat paycheck.

    • philoe bedoe

      Same here.
      Let the man talk if he wants to.
      He’s stepped upto the plate and fighting, what more do they want?
      Whatever you do Danny, don’t say anything about Golovkin and his team.
      It’s blasphemy lol……….

      • Charlie U.

        Exactly. I love GGG, but too many of his fans are like that. Is Danny supposed to just bow down and take his beating like everyone else? This is real life for him, we’re just spectators. Let the guy do what he needs to in order to prepare for the toughest SOB we’ve seen in this sport in a long time.

        • philoe bedoe


        • Koninbeor

          I wonder if he really thinks he’s being overlooked or if he’s merely grabbing a bit of media attention? Jacobs is a bigger threat to GGG than BJS is. The only thing BJS has that Jacobs doesn’t is a major belt.

          • Charlie U.

            I think he’s using whatever he can to squeeze every bit of motivation possible out. True, Jacobs is the bigger threat and he’s not going to be overlooked by GGG himself. But hearing about ongoing negotiations for GGG’s next fight could be perceived as a slight. He might as well utilize it.

          • Koninbeor

            I have no problem with that. I like Jacobs and I hope he gives GGG hell. I want to see a great fight and if anyone can do it, Jacobs can.

          • Charlie U.

            Same here. I like both these guys and there’s nothing but respect from both sides. Reading some of these comments, you would think Jacobs was engaging in Bellew-Haye level trash talk.

          • Koninbeor

            People have a tendency to make villains of those who oppose any they root for. It can make for some interesting rivalries.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    When you have as much trouble securing fights against name opponents as K2 has had with GGG, you simply can’t afford to stop looking for opponents just because there’s another fight to be contested beforehand.

    Golovkin is not the overlooking type. The guy is dead serious & focused, he will not be taken off his game thinking ahead to the next fight.

    However, being human, a Saunders fight in Kazakhstan as part o the world expo might create some pressure & distraction around the time of that fight, but certainly not this far in advance.

  • Harry

    Loeffler just learned his lessons from the last year’s failure to negotiate more than two fights for his champ who wants to fight four times a year. No insult for Jacobs but unless preparations are made right now GGG may again be left on a lean ration. K2 has to be in negotiations both with Saunders and Canelo right now for these fights to materialize.

  • John Swan

    GGG by KO inside 4.

    • Charlie U.

      Swan! Where have you been? Come back.

      • John Swan

        I’ll be back again soon, still reading the mailbags but not so much the comments section as I’ve had too much on lately. Hope all is well.