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Garcia looks forward to beating Thurman, calling shots

Photo by: Ryan Hafey/PBC
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Danny Garcia is a welterweight titleholder but still had to concede top billing in his unification match with Keith Thurman on March 4 at Barclays Center. Thurman’s name comes first in the promotional tagline (Garcia gets to walk to the ring second). But Garcia said if he beats Thurman in a bout that will be broadcast on CBS, he will be the one to call the shots thereafter.

“You know, after this fight, everything is on my terms,” Garcia told a small group of reporters on Wednesday of what a win would mean to his career. “I’ll never have to compromise again. So it’s the new king. The new champ. Everything is in my favor. I’m the A side. For this fight, we had to compromise, like who’s name would be (first in the promotion) and who’s walking out first. So I said, ‘I’ll give him the promotion but I’m not walking out first. You can be the champion but I’ll the A side the night of the fight.’ It is what it is. It’s not nothing for me.”

Despite his success, Garcia (33-0, 19 knockouts) remains a lightning rod for criticism on social media, in part for his soft opposition in between hard fights. The low-key Garcia shrugged off the derision as simply the price of fame. “At the end of the day, when I’m in the streets and everywhere I go, people love me,” he said. “It’s just the world we live in now where people got the heart to say something (on a computer) and not to your face. That’s not how I was raised.”