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Canelo-Chavez Jr. is cool, but are we still on track for Canelo-GGG?


Me, I am not unintrigued by the May 6 scrap put together by Golden Boy Promotions featuring their golden boy Canelo Alvarez against the mercurial son of the uber legend, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

First off, it makes business sense, being that you have the top butts-in-seats-in-North America draw Alvarez against a fellow Mexican who is fistic royalty.

OK, OK, I know Junior is something of the wayward prince as a character.

The King Julio sometimes looks at him askance and raises his eyes to the heavens and curses the genetic distribution engineered by the fates. But the heir is interesting. He is colorful. He makes missteps and then claws his way out. Or he makes an excuse and draws scorn and adds to a stable of haters who, and this is key, care about him. Honestly, many of them tune in to see Junior lose, but they do tune in!

I think it’s not implausible that Senior helps motivate Junior to the best camp of his career and does so by helping him understand he only will have so many chances at grabbing gold rings, because after awhile the rings turn to brass.

Canelo versus Chavez Jr. is not uninteresting to me and should be to the masses. But none of those masses have stopped hoping to see a mashup at middleweight between Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

I reached out to Golden Boy VP Eric Gomez to suss out where that marinating masterpiece stands now. First off, Gomez said that Texas or Vegas could host the all Mexican tussle in May.

As for that amusing, to me, catchweight, Gomez explained: “We were stuck between 164 and 165. Met half way.”


OK, so suppose Golovkin handles Danny Jacobs in March and then the red head downs Junior. Are we on track to see GGG v Canelo in September?

“Yes,” Gomez stated.

Would he say we are 100 percent, 95 percent, 90 percent or less certain that GGG-Canelo then gets made for September in Texas if GGG and Canelo win their next fights?

“We are 50% as of now until both guys win their next fight,” Gomez said. “If both are successful and win their next fight then I would jump it up to 90-95%. Both guys will be in tough fights.”

So there you have it. You know about what they say of best laid plans…That said, odds are that Golovkin and Canelo don’t take Ls in their next scraps, so we are on track for seeing the most anticipated fight since MayPac. Readers, who do you like to maybe get the upset W, Jacobs or Chavez Junior? Fire us your thoughts!