WBA orders Shannon Briggs to face Fres Oquendo for title


The WBA is trying, it really is, to consolidate its titles in every division so that a clear champion exists.

But officials in the WBA’s Championships Committee couldn’t have made the following directive with a straight face: The WBA has ordered that faded heavyweights Shannon Briggs and Fres Oquendo, who are a combined 88 years old, fight for a vacant “regular” heavyweight title and have until Feb. 1 to make a deal or a purse bid will be held. The WBA also said the winner must face No 3-rated Alexander Ustinov, who hasn’t fought since December of 2015.

Briggs, who held a title in 2006, has fought a series of journeyman over the past few years. Yet, the 45-year-old is ranked No. 4 in the WBA’s heavyweight rankings. Oquendo, 43, hasn’t fought since 2014 when he lost a majority decision to titleholder Ruslan Chagaev and is ranked No. 5 in 2017. (Oquendo sued Chagaev for not giving him an immediate rematch as mandated in the contract and had shoulder surgery in 2015 and the WBA is giving him his title shot.)

The title is up for grabs because Lucas Browne, who beat Chagaev last March, was stripped of the belt after he tested positive for a banned substance. Chagaev was subsequently given his title back but lost it again after he failed to pay sanctioning fees to the WBA. Browne was supposed to face his mandatory Briggs but flunked another drug test. So here we are. Meanwhile, Wladimir Klitschko is fighting Anthony Joshua on April 29 for the “Super” WBA heavyweight championship.

  • maxx


    • I just ordered one of his hats, lol! But honestly, I hope this is broadcast on free TV. Maybe it’ll end quickly and violently. Would be hilarious to see Briggs win by ko and start yelling LETS GO CHAMP!

      • maxx

        Indeed it would and I certainly will be rooting for him.Kudos

        • ceylon mooney

          me too.

          and i hope briggs mugs haye sometime
          soon, tho not before the bellew fight.

          • maxx

            The build up would be fantastic and I certainly would not be shocked if Shannon got Haye out of their in the early rounds, in regards to Bellew I think Haye pulverises him early.Kudos pal

          • Barley mcgrew
          • maxx


          • Barley mcgrew

            I can’t see Haye ever degrading to the point Bellew would stand a hope in hell’s chance against him Maxx. Kudos.

          • maxx

            Totally concur pal.Kudos

  • Rosalino Sanchez Felix

    This has to be a joke, no other explanation

  • DBone

    Can someone help me? I somehow got sent back to 2001 and I’m trapped in some kind of alternate reality.

    • The Black Mamba

      I’m fighting for the interim regular international belt next week (I’m pretty sure they have such a belt somewhere).

      • DBone

        Not complicated at all

        • The Black Mamba

          I’m telling you guys all the time.


        that actually less complicated then the wba’s description

      • Byron Horne

        Then the winner of that can fight the “Champion Emeritus.” How dare they treat our sport like this?

        • The Black Mamba

          That Emeritus stuff is the work of the WBC, though, but I got your point. It’s annoying how they hand out belts like they were some flyers you put on the front window of a car.

      • Barley mcgrew

        Just run that by me again.

        • The Black Mamba

          Well, I guess I skip the intercontinental belts then …

          • Barley mcgrew


    • william ellis

      Great comment!

    • Barley mcgrew


  • PrinceGian

    The WBA are a law unto themselves. On top of the ridiculous match up how is Ustinov ranked #3 if he hasn’t fought since 2015.

    • ceylon mooney

      hey dont he so harsh im ranked #2!

  • Jamil Salvo

    finally champ!

  • Doug Eckert

    I am going to have to stop coming to this website. They are printing fake news now too. Are there any reliable websites left in the world?

  • Giuseppe

    Good old briggs. Hope he wins.

  • Sidewinder

    Briggs got this! LETS GO CHIMP!!!

  • Ewan Leaper

    I work in mental health and it goes against everything we learn to promote the delusions of a madman but the world will be a better place if that crazy bugger actually lands a word title! Forget the incompetence of sanctioning bodies and diminished value of “world titles”, if Shannon gets this I’ll make an exception and just enjoy it because it’s entirely joyful to think he might actually pull it off. Hopefully he gets it and retires, that’s mission accomplished. My blessings to whoever it was that was too scared to tell him to take his meds, it’s been a lot of fun…

    • ceylon mooney

      hopefully he gets this and gets his hands on haye next. then he can retire.

      • Ewan Leaper

        That would be too good to be true! It’ll be good enough for me if Briggs picks up the world title and Haye doesn’t ever do so again- Haye is not a man of his word and I felt sorry for Briggs because he foolishly took him at face value.

  • Ewan Leaper Reports that he was chasing a Killer Whale trying to prove who is the top predator in the ocean are as yet unsubstantiated!

  • Byron Horne

    Farcical. Absolute rubbish.

  • Jorge


  • Shawn

    Briggs has somewhat reinvented himself for a paycheck – got back n2 shape – put down the public’s chicken dinners – in which are not to bad – had a couple myself recently. He’s been very smart and strategic in maneuvering himself into a large paycheck. Shannon would do well in a reality television show – more so than in a boxing ring at this point.

  • Tony Nightstick

    A new low, even by WBA “standards.”

  • Baltic Bear


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