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Loeffler sees path for Golovkin to emerge as new PPV star

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As he surveys the rubble of underperforming pay-per-views dotting the boxing landscape in 2016, Tom Loeffler sees an opportunity.

With his fighter Gennady Golovkin taking on Danny Jacobs on March 18 at Madison Square Garden on HBO Pay-Per-View, Loeffler envisions a chance for Golovkin to separate himself from the pay-service pack. While some fans may grumble that another fight, even one as compelling as Golovkin-Jacobs is on PPV, Loeffler views it as a possible touchstone moment for Golovkin (36-0, 33 knockouts) to emerge as a PPV star in 2017.

If that happens, the Kazakhstan knockout artist could be aided by Roman (Chocolatito) Gonzalez’s rematch with Carlos Cuadras, which is being discussed as the co-feature on March 18. “I think he’s clearly established himself as one of the more marketable fighters in the sport,” Loeffler told RingTV.com on Wednesday of Golovkin. “And now where you have a higher profile match-up with Danny Jacobs — Gennady could be considered, depending on the success of the pay-per-view, the next pay-per-view star. Or, if Danny Jacobs wins, he could be considered the next pay-per-view star.”

Loeffler dislikes making predictions when it comes to pay-per-view performance. All he would say is he expects the PPV on March 18 to surpass the buys generated for Golovkin’s dismantling of David Lemieux in 2015 that produced around 150,000 in his first effort on the platform.

“His profile is much higher than it was for the Lemieux fight,” Loeffler said. “And arguably with Danny Jacobs, even though Lemieux was a champion, you can say that because Danny has had more exposure on premium cable and on U.S. television that his profile is higher as well. We never give predictions on pay-per-view numbers. Our expectations are always very conservative. But we look at these numbers to exceed the numbers that we did for the Lemieux fight.”

Loeffler doesn’t expect Miguel Cotto’s return against James Kirkland on Feb. 25 on HBO PPV to undermine Golovkin-Jacobs on PPV, which will be available for $54.95. “We just try to put together the best product we can for the fans for the value that they’ll pay,” Loeffler said. “Our philosophy is that the better that other events can do — it’s better for the entire sport in general. We wish them the best on their promotion and we’ll try to do what we can to put together a good event on March 18.”

Loeffler said HBO is in the process of deciding whether to use a 24/7 type show to spread awareness on the date. “We’re definitely working with HBO now to figure out what’s the best way to promote the fight,” he said. “We haven’t come up with the exact marketing or promotional strategy yet. But they’re 100% behind the promotion and they look at this as really the most marketable and most anticipated fight of the first quarter of the year.”