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THE RING Digital Edition: New and Improved

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We’ve been making some big changes to the Digital Edition of THE RING Magazine!

The Digital Edition is the e-version of the publication that has been an integral part of boxing since 1922. If you’ve read it before, you’re probably familiar with the [Page] layout — it looks just like the newsstand magazine in a PDF format. You can zoom into it, download it, print it, pin it in your locker — whatever you like.

And then there’s the [Mobile] version, which is where we’ve been hard at work.

The new [Mobile] version, which is optimized for your phone or tablet (though it also looks great on a laptop or desktop), resizes to fit your screen, gives you control over the text size and, most importantly, gives us the power to deliver a ton of new features that hook you into the world’s best boxing coverage.

When you log in, your table of contents will look one of two ways, depending on the width of your screen:


From there you can access any story and easily navigate to others.

Inside you’ll get all the in-depth editorial content you expect from THE RING, but we’re going further in the [Mobile] version with features like video, audio, photo galleries, links to more content at, custom fight programs, even live streaming … all in one place.


Links take you to stories within the magazine or open your browser to expand its reach. Videos and audio clips are embedded and play directly inside the Digital Edition.


You’ll have direct access to exclusive RingTV content, right at your fingertips.


And you’ll always have the ability to share content, connect on social media and switch between the [Mobile] and [Page] versions.


Another advantage of the [Mobile] version: change.

We can’t come to your house and staple new pages into your magazine, but we can make updates and add exclusive features to the [Mobile] version. And we will.

Those features might include extra stories, exclusive Q&A’s, photo essays, videos … anything. We also have a new section, again exclusive to the [Mobile] version, called “And the NEW…” which will be updated week-to-week with video, audio and pictures.


And we’ll be delivering event-specific content that will turn your Digital Edition into a true mobile companion, whether you’re in the arena or watching at home. There’s much in store.

Visit our subscription page or go through iTunes to get connected.



— THE RING staff