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A happy and healthy Kermit Cintron returns to boxing

KErmit Cintron lands a big right hand (which he claims has been chronically hurt since 2007) during his abbreviated showdown with Paul Williams in 2010. Photo by Naoki Fukuda
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You’ve read this story before, the 36-year-old boxer coming back on to the scene after a long layoff, insisting he’s better than ever.

Fill in the blank here and now with the name “Kermit Cintron,” the Pennsylvania-based 147-154 pounder who held the IBF welterweight crown in 2006 and 2007 before dropping it to Antonio Margarito.

“I’m better, way better,” Cintron told me. “I’m more matured. Stronger mentally. More relaxed in the ring now.”

Before you reflexively dismiss this assertion you should understand that the fighter was having layoffs for a good reason. He fought once in 2014 and not at all in 2015 because his right hand was busted up.

“I’ve been fighting with a broken hand/torn ligaments since 2007,” he explained. “Fought like that up to the Ronald Cruz (March 2014) fight. People don’t realize that I was dealing with that injury, but then again people are ignorant. I hurt it in the Jesse Feliciano (November 2007) fight. I’m great. It was all about my right hand. Hand is 100%.”

That explains some things. Also, he’s not coming back to fill an empty wallet.

“My life is good.  Wife and I own a yoga studio, Bikram Yoga Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that she runs, I do some personal training, boxing classes in the one room I turned into a small gym. Kids are great, experiencing the life in Puerto Rico as we speak. They are  in school and are doing great. While I was resting and bettering my hand by doing the therapy I was going through I helped my wife with the yoga studio business. We’ve been open for three years now and she’s done a tremendous job growing the business and helping people with their health.”

The boxer signed a promotional contract with Kings Promotion’s Marshall Kauffman and has been in fierce rust shedding mode, with three fights in less than six months. Joe Pastore has moved from the S n C slot to be his head trainer.

He’s back to rumble on Dec 10, foe TBD. It won’t be Danny Garcia, though. “The offer to fight Garcia was a five digit number.  Garcia’s people must be smoking something or have gotten hit too many times during his career!”

Cintron, understandably I’d say, isn’t keen to take low B-side money, being that he brings a lengthy resume to the table.

“I’m no B-side fighter. I’m a bigger name than he is. Yes, he’s making some noise and is a world champion but (I would take the fight if the purse were better).”

Erislandy Lara could be in the mix for Dec 10. “Not sure vs who yet.  Promoter has also offered me Erislandy Lara, but not sure if that would happen. Yes, he has a certain style but I can keep up with him and to top it off I have a punchers’ chance.  Lara has been dropped by a bum-ass Angulo.  The difference between all the fighters Lara fought vs Angulo was the fact that Angulo didn’t let him breath whereas all other fighters let Lara do what he does best.”

Cintron is believable when he says that with a one hundred percent right hand he’s A grade Cintron. 36 is not 26 so it will be a hard climb. But since he doesn’t HAVE to come back that is in his favor. The maturity could indeed make up for what Father Time might’ve stolen. I do believe we will see and get a conclusive verdict  on Dec 10.

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