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Tyson Fury retires and un-retires on Twitter

THE RING heavyweight championship belt, which was first awarded to Jack Dempsey in 1922 and was most recently held by Tyson Fury, is now vacant.
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At this moment, updates from Tyson Fury are almost a daily occurrence and the latest is that the reigning RING, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion has retired and un-retired in the space of three hours.

The following statement was made via Fury’s official Twitter account on Monday afternoon (U.K. time):

“Boxing is the saddest thing I ever took part in, all a pile of sh_t, I’m the greatest, & I’m also retired, so go suck a d_ck, happy days.”

Followed by:

“Hahahaha u think you will get rid of the GYPSYKING that easy!!! I’m here to stay. #TheGreatest just shows u what the Medea (sic) are like. Tut tut.

“Soon as I get better I’ll be defending what’s mine the heavyweight thrown.”

In fairness to the media, if the heavyweight champion of the world announces his retirement, then every sports publication in the world will write about it.

It must be said, however, that Fury is renowned for having a somewhat satirical sense of humor on social networking, as evidenced by a recent Tony Montana photo spin-off which mocked his positive VADA test result for cocaine.

Last month, Fury pulled out of his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko for the second time.


Tom Gray is a UK Correspondent/ Editor for and a member of THE RING ratings panel. Follow him on Twitter: @Tom_Gray_Boxing


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