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Bobby Gunn vs. Mike Tyson in a bare-knuckle brawl?

Former two-time cruiserweight title challenger/current bare-knuckle boxer Bobby Gunn. Photo credit: Dan Howlett/Barcroft USA

He is 50 years old, last fought for a fee in 2005, and has said, time and again, he’s all done gloving up.

But that doesn’t mean an appetite for and interest in seeing Mike Tyson fight again doesn’t exist.

Chatter has been pinging around of late which places Tyson in the bare-knuckle arena. Boxer/bare-knuckler Bobby Gunn has publicly expressed a desire to test himself against the middle-aged man formerly answering to the nickname “Iron Mike.”

I reached out to the 42-year-old New Jersey man to get some deets on the possibility.

“This actually started about six months ago. Tyson posted something on Facebook about me being a bare-knuckle champion,” Gunn told me. “Then recently one of my friends went by to see him, about two months ago, and he was telling (Tyson) he should fight me, bare knuckles, and I heard Tyson said, ‘I know Bobby Gunn good. He’s a crazy dude, fights bare-knuckle. That would be a hell of a pay-per-view event and we could make a lot of money.'”

The 21-6-1 (in pro boxing, with 18 knockouts) hitter continued, making it clear he knows his boxing skills at his apex were not in the Tyson sphere, “And then I don’t know from where, there was gossip and stories coming around…as you can see clearly I said I could not carry his jock-strap. I think the world of him. But the truth is, in bare-knuckle, I would love to fight him.”

Over the span of a couple years, the former two-time cruiserweight title challenger told me he had discussed and gotten closer to getting Kimbo Slice to take a bare-knuckle challenge against him. That potential tango died when Slice died almost four months ago.

Back to the Tyson enticement: Gunn said he has a backer with big-time bank, who’s agreed to finance a Gunn fight with the ex-“Baddest Man on the Planet,” a million bucks, winner take all.

OK, so the ball is in Tyson’s court. Would he want to get back into a fighting ring and throw down, for the cash infusion, the return to the stage which provides unparalleled thrills and a massive natural endorphin rush?

“There’s no truth to it,” a Team Tyson spokesperson told me Monday night, again squashing the rumor mill/whack-a-mole tale of a Tyson ring return.

The former ring ruler is happy and busy with his various endeavors, I am told, which includes the ongoing run of his well-received and durable one-man bio-drama stage production.

I informed Gunn of the Tyson turndown and he was classy and understanding in his response. “There you go, my brother. That puts a stop to all the rumors,” Gunn said. “I would love, though, to fight a Randy Couture, the former UFC (light heavyweight and heavyweight) champ, or (former UFC light heavyweight champion) Chuck Liddell! Could you imagine how big of a pay-per-view event it would be with either one of those names? You know craziness sells!”



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  • Julio

    Dude’s broke and looking for a quick buck.

    • philoe bedoe

      Which one? Lol……….

      • Barley Mcgrew


        • Julio

          Good question. But Tyson at the very least has demonstrated some talent in histrionics; that should help his cause.

          • Barley Mcgrew

            True enough.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    I understand the wish to make money, but calling out 50-year old men who’ve been inactive for years is pretty lame.

    • Will Arbuckle

      Not to mention.. If Tucson was in shape he gets smoked in two….

  • Droeks Malan

    I guess they needed some content..

  • kiowhatta

    I remember saying something about media capital to some twit. Tyson hasn’t been relevant for nearly a decade, yet still commands media interest. There’s your example.

  • Cashtime

    This guy shouldn’t have even received an article from this magazine. Wow he goes around telling people he’s ready to challenge any former champ out there whose been retired for years. Then again isn’t that what fighters have been doing for years.

  • Sunny G

    he better go to Bangkok and fight a middleweight guy, lucky if he could see his face following morning