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Daniel Jacobs, Sergio Mora warm up for rematch on conference call

Daniel Jacobs (L) and Sergio Mora during their first fight in 2015. Photo by Naoki Fukuda

Their first meeting was a slam bang affair, with both men hitting the deck, and there were grimaces when it ended early because of a leg injury to the loser.

The second lengthy interaction between Danny Jacobs, the 29-year-old Brooklyn native who holds the WBA “regular” middleweight title, and former 154-pound beltholder Sergio Mora, a crafty technician at 35 who proved also to be a rugged rumbler though this tiff took place via phone line, on Tuesday.

I don’t recall when the last time a media conference call ended with one fighter giving the other an F-bomb “salute” as Mora did to Jacobs (31-1); the fighters will seek to sort out the matter Sept. 9 on a PBC show in Reading, Pennsylvania at Santander Arena.

Jacobs scored well during the call, and mixed his punches smartly. Typically, the Brownsville native is a polite sort, not prone to “go Brooklyn” on a foe during the lead up, even if provoked.  It seems as though maybe his game face edge is being honed as he becomes more of a seasoned professional.

They started off at odds when the 28-4-2 Mora said that the final knockdown compliments of Jacobs wasn’t the real deal, while Jacobs took issue with that. The New Yorker then bore in.

“The reason we’ve actually been out for so long was because we were trying to get a better opportunity at fighting (WBO beltholder) B.J. Saunders… And this is the reason why this fight is happening. It isn’t because I’ve been avoiding Sergio Mora. I just understand that this fight for my career at this particular point isn’t really going to do anything for me. It’s more going to do anything–more for Sergio than it would do for me.  But, me and him have the same management in Al Haymon. So, I can understand why this fight is being made.”

That launch was followed by more power, with Jacobs accusing “The Latin Snake” of planning to use a defensive style Sept. 9, seeking to make the event boring with a lack of offense.

“Please let’s not make it a snoozer,” continued Jacobs, in that aggressive vein. “It’s bad enough we’re both receiving a lot of criticism for this fight, but dude, please let’s just make it exciting.”

Mora next got into the tone flow somewhat by insinuating that Jacobs is thin skinned. But he stayed, basically, mellow. Even when Jacobs needled, again, that he sees this fight as a backward step. Now Mora’s Irish came out. He said he was the most accomplished person the Brooklyner has met.

Jacobs used the “S” word, “snoozer,” again and really, his aggressive style lept out to listeners as departure from the norm.

Return fire from the Snake… he said previous foes Vernon Forrest and Shane Mosley were on another level than Jacobs. He spoke with a veteran cool, a distance, when he said, “Danny, the young champion looking down on me, subordinating me, making me feel like I’m lucky to get this opportunity; I’ve dealt with that my entire career, man. It’s nothing new.”

Then, this flurry to end the final round:

“Yeah, you forgot (to thank) one more person, brother.  You forgot one more person, Sergio.

I want (to) thank, what, Danny Jacobs?

That’s it.  That’s my man.  That’s my man.

Go f–k yourself. I’ll see you in two weeks, old boy.”

Reached after, Mora said he’s looking forward to continuing the discussion, in a clash which will screen on SpikeTV.

And in retrospect, any thoughts on that fiery back and forth?

“The Greeks say ‘Character is Fate,’ the California-based pugilist says. “Character will win this fight.”