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Trial set for Aug. 9 in the Terence Crawford misdemeanor case

Photo by: Naoki Fukuda

Photo by: Naoki Fukuda

Terence Crawford’s auto-shop misdemeanor case is set to go to trial on Aug. 9 in Omaha, Nebraska, the boxer’s attorney, Steve Lefler, told on Tuesday.

The trial was originally supposed to start this week, according to Lefler. But he was able to get the judge to grant a continuance to push the date back. Crawford is in training for a big junior welterweight unification match against Viktor Postol July 23 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on HBO PPV.

Crawford (28-0, 20 knockouts) was charged with theft of services, criminal mischief, assault in the third degree and trespassing, all misdemeanors after he allegedly pushed an auto shop owner and caused $5,000 worth of damages to a hydraulic lift for an incident that took place in Omaha back in April.

“He was charged with a couple of misdemeanors and I’m negotiating with the city attorney now,” Lefler said in a phone interview. “We’ll probably resolve something. If we don’t, we have a trial set for Aug. 9, but I’m reasonably confident — I think the city attorney’s office is discovering the case isn’t as strong as they thought it was, so they’re (willing) to negotiate a little bit.”

Lefler said a settlement could be reached with the auto shop owner, Michael Nelson, which, if it happens, could change the priorities of the Omaha City Prosecutor’s Office, which did not immediately return a call for comment on Tuesday.

“The city attorney’s office certainly in Omaha doesn’t want to become a collection agency,” Lefler said. “So their position is we’re here to do justice. If this were a very serious case it would be a felony. It wouldn’t be a misdemeanor. So I don’t want to say it falls in the, ‘no-big-deal-category,’ but it’s pretty close. And if I am able to resolve the financial matter with (Nelson) then I don’t think the city attorney is going to care at all.”