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Conor McGregor’s Mayweather bluster is rooted in hooey

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Image edit courtesy of The Sun

Image edit courtesy of The Sun



Claptrap, pure and simple, in case you didn’t know.

This Conor McGregor statement, “If I only had to focus on boxing, hell, I’d be neck and neck with Floyd Mayweather right now,” made to ESPN The Magazine, and contained in its current “Body Issue,” is just hoo-hah.

Pick your dismissive adjective, friends, and join in with me if you like, while we briefly poke holes in a declaration that already looks like Swiss cheese.

I say “briefly” because you almost not even want to bother, as it seems clear by now that the UFC featherweight champion McGregor is prone to talking smack not grounded in reality. He will make a statement unsupported by fact, designed purely to make waves and ripples in the press and social media. Count the following statement among them…

The “if only” construct is a mildly insulting message to people whom, in fact, have focused solely on boxing as their vocation and are not “neck and neck” with Mayweather, who is poised to re-enter the sport after a hiatus which he’s termed a “retirement.” (At the June 24 Boxing Writers Association of America dinner, at which the 39-year-old “Money” spoke for 40 minutes while accepting his “Fighter of the Year” award, he told us he’s financially set for life and happy in retirement…but would come back if the price were right.)

It was rumored that Floyd would make his comeback fight against the UFC ace and reaction was mixed among fight fans. Many regard that fight as nothing more as a glorified sparring match but with consumers being offered the opportunity to watch it at a too-pretty penny. South African pro Chris Van Heerden sparred the UFC’er last month and told me McGregor would be in deep over his head if he and the real-deal pugilist, now 49-0 (26 knockouts), engaged.

McGregor is a fine athlete but not bulletproof. His MMA record is 19-3 and I dare say he could have been boxing out of the womb and he’d still not be Floyd. Floyd is special, a once-an-era type. I will, however, give McGregor this:

As far as staying relevant and in the news mix, the Irishman is edging closer to Mayweather. But as far as being a comparable talent, if he’d chosen to focus on only the pugilism discipline, well, I’m afraid that claim is absurd – nakedly absurd.



As far as staying relevant and in the news mix, Michael Woods is edging closer to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor. If you visit and check out his TalkBOX podcast, you’ll see exactly why. Meanwhile, editor Coyote Duran stays in the mix by trying to convince everyone that a peanut butter, jam and cheddar cheese sandwich is actually delicious.




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