Tuesday, August 16, 2022  |


Keith Thurman vows to put Shawn Porter to sleep on Saturday


Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman


They have known each other since the amateurs and have remained cordial throughout the run-up to the fight.

But on Friday, following the weigh-in, WBA welterweight titleholder Keith Thurman didn’t seem too chummy with Shawn Porter. After a particularly intense stare-down, Thurman turned away and as he was walking off the stage, made a lullaby motion with his arms several times. “The boy is going to sleep,” he later said.

It was a little startling to see since Thurman has remained even-keeled all week, but perhaps he was just working himself up into a lather to get into the proper mindset for Saturday’s welterweight showdown at Barclays Center on CBS (9 p.m. ET). Thurman, looking a little gaunt, tipped the scales at 146 pounds on Friday while Porter stripped naked and weighed-in at 147 pounds, both making weight on their first tries.

In the night’s co-feature, Jarrett Hurd came in at 153 ¾ pounds while opponent Oscar Molina weighed 154 ¾ for their junior middleweight fight. Since the contract stipulated that each boxer could come in a pound over the weight limit, Molina didn’t have to sweat off the extra weight, according to Hurd trainer Ernesto Rodriguez.