Sunday, March 26, 2023  |


Is Tyson Fury breaking training?


Fascinating thing, is social media.

Everyone, if they choose, is a reporter.
See something, you can say something, and disseminate your info far and wide quite rapidly.

Even if what you see and say isn’t factually correct. This age we are in can be lacking in the fact checking department, it’s fair to say.
For instance…I’ve been seeing in the last week or so posts referring to what has to be deemed a rumor at this point, without locking down incontrovertible proof: the posts basically state that Brit heavyweight Tyson Fury has been seen out and about, breaking training, hitting pubs and slurping beverages that don’t look to be soda.
The implication is this: that the 27-year-old who holds the WBA and WBO and THE RING heavyweight titles isn’t taking training for his July 9 rematch in England with Wladimir Klitschko seriously enough.
I reached out and messaged Peter Fury, Tyson’s uncle and trainer, to try and get clarification and will insert his reply when and if furnished.
But of course, this storyline, or potential storyline, has to be placed into the rumor category. But just maybe, where there’s smoke…
With Fury, all angles have to be considered. He plays the press and public masterfully at times. He poked fun at himself for being tubby during the presser to kick off this promotion, saying, in effect, to Wlad, You mutt, look at what a tub of lard you lost to.
He seeks to undermine Klitschko’s confidence, which HAS to be at the very least not at peak, after his gruesome showing in losing to Fury via UD in November 2015 in Germany.
It must also be considered, is it within the realm of possibility that someone would plant tumors about one guy being out of shape, to give the other side a false sense of optimism? But of course. All is fair in love and war and boxing.
This Fury, he keeps us on our toes, and his unpredictability is part of his appeal, especially when in the villain role.
I reached out to Team Klitschko exec Bernd Bonte to speak to the rumors.
Question: I hear chatter that Fury is partying and drinking, and speculation is maybe the fight could be in jeopardy. Can you put this to rest and assure people July 9 is ON?
“The fight is on; we have media days here in camp this week,” responded Bonte.