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Adrien Broner issues a not guilty plea in his first court appearance


Adrien Broner vs Ashley Theophane fukuda 2

Adrien Broner pleaded not guilty on Tuesday morning on charges of felonious assault and aggravated robbery during his arraignment at the Hamilton County (Ohio) Municipal Court.

Wearing a tight grey sweatshirt and a thick beard, Broner looked on quietly as his attorney Will Welsh addressed Municipal Judge Dwight Mallory. Broner has another court date scheduled on April 14, during which the Grand Jury will determine if there is enough evidence to indict him of the charges or to issue a no bill and reject the proposed indictment, according to Mark Waters, administrator for the Hamilton County Clerk of Court.

Broner remains free on bond. If the 26-year-old boxer is indicted, then the case will proceed to the Court of Common Pleas, Waters said. Broner turned himself in to the Hamilton County Justice Center on Monday after he was allowed to fight on Friday in Washington, D.C. as part of an understanding between Broner’s lawyer and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office even though an arrest warrant was filed on March 22.

Broner, who is from Cincinnati, stopped Ashley Theophane in nine rounds and then called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring. But because Broner didn’t make weight on Thursday, he was stripped of his junior welterweight title and returned to Ohio without the status of being a champion.

Broner is alleged to have beaten up a man on Jan. 21 outside of a bowling alley amid a gambling dispute, according to the Cincinnati police. The man who says he was beat up, Christopher Carson, filed a civil suit against Broner in February.