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Paulie Malignaggi wants a rematch with Adrien Broner

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Adrien Broner lifted Paul Malignaggi’s WBA welterweight title via split decision in June 2013 but the young talent did not have an easy night.

You saw Adrien Broner take out a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fighter last night, and right after, declare he’d like a crack at the boss, Mayweather.
Mayweather chuckled, ringside, as Broner said he’d been dissed enough and now, his manhood challenged, he desired a duel.
Cynics says that this Broner vs. Floyd angle has been hatching for the last half year or more, with the two feuding in order to feed a storyline, that being the mentor splitting with the tutored. Others declare Broner is legit irked, and feels betrayed that Floyd publicly rakes him for being a poor imitation of “Money,” and having woeful habits which make him a lesser athlete end of day.
Whether that pairing comes to fruition we will have to wait to see, but there’s another pugilist eager to take a Broner challenge. He’s done it before…The fighting pride of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Paul Malignaggi, wants another poke at the Cincy-based AB. They collided in June 2013 at Barclays Center, after a nasty buildup which featured cameos from supposed sidepieces. Broner took a SD, with some seeing Malignaggi (age 35; 35-7 record) as the rightful victor.
You want a Broner rematch, Paulie?
“Sure do, before taking on the king of the welters he should at least prove he can get past me in a definitive way, I deserve my rematch,” the Showtime analyst, winner of two straight since losing to Danny Garcia in Sept. 2015, told me.
How do you think AB looked vs. Theophane?
“He looked fine to me, he did what he had to do, Theophane was game but it was a different level. Enough now… I’ve waited long enough for a rematch!”