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Fight Picks: Carl Frampton vs. Scott Quigg

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Boxing

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Boxing

Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg put their IBF and WBA junior featherweight belts on the line in an anticipated title unification bout on Saturday.

The evenly matched grudge fight takes place at the Manchester Arena (formerly M.E.N Arena) and airs live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK at 6:00 p.m. (including full supporting undercard) and on Showtime Extreme in America at 5:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Recently both men appeared on the Sky Sports boxing series “The Gloves are Off.”

It’s the biggest fight of both men’s careers and they know victory would be huge for their legacy and open doors to bigger fights and larger purses.

Frampton is 18 months older than Quigg, having recently turned 29; though has fewer professional fights (21) and fewer pro rounds (116) compared to Quigg, 33, who has boxed 147 pro rounds. However, the proud Irishman has a much more extensive amateur background (114-11) compared to his English rival who had just 12 contests going 10-2. They both have a similar KO ratio, Frampton at 67 percent and Quigg marginally higher at 70 percent. Quigg is the bigger man at 5-foot-8 while Frampton is 5-foot-5.

The common feeling is that this is a genuine 50-50 match up that will be exciting and close.

Online gambling group lists Frampton as a slight favorite at 13/8 (-163), while Quigg is priced at 11/8 (+138). asked 27 boxing insiders for their picks:

Tony Borg, British boxing trainer
Carl Frampton to bt Scott Quigg: To be honest it’s changed a few times over the last couple of years, two, three years ago, I was going up there [London] regular with Gary Buckland, I definitely thought Frampton, then it started to even out. I’m still more for Frampton but think Quigg’s come on a lot in that time. I think Frampton over the years has experienced more in boxing. Quigg’s very good and improving a lot but I think Frampton has the edge… just. This fight is 50-50, right down the line, they’re both in their prime, they’re both at the top of their game. Get in there and the best man wins, it’s a proper fight. I think Frampton all round will come out on top, possibly a late stoppage. He’s a good finisher, strong fighter.

Luke Campbell, 2012 Olympic gold medallist
Carl Frampton to bt Scott Quigg:
I think it’s going to be a great fight. Both are world class but I’m going for Frampton to win. I feel his footwork and skills will be a little much for Quigg but he will have to be on his game.

Cameron Dunkin, boxing manager
Carl Frampton PTS 12 Scott Quigg:
I like Frampton. It’s a flip-a-coin fight. Quigg can really punch. When I saw Frampton get dropped by that Mexican [Alejandro Gonzalez Jr.], and I know it was on the road and everything, but he went down pretty easy. I still like Frampton, I think Frampton will win a split or majority decision, maybe small unanimous but close. A great fight, that’s a fight you really want to see.


Stephen Edwards, American boxing trainer
Scott Quigg PTS 12 Carl Frampton: Quigg by close decision.


Doug Fischer, Editor of

Scott Quigg PTS 12 Carl Frampton: I think it’s an excellent match up. I really believe it’s the proverbial toss-up match, even money fight. Both guys are at an identical point in their careers, I think they’re in their primes, and I think they’re at their peak. I look at Frampton maybe as a little more naturally gifted, more polished as a boxer. I would give Frampton the edge in hand speed, technique and reflexes. I look at Quigg as physically stronger, perhaps more durable but also a well-rounded boxer-puncher. I think Quigg is more versatile than a lot of fans and observers give him credit for and I expect it to be a hotly contested distance fight. I favor Quigg by close decision, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s controversial and if so, guess what… we’ll get a rematch. Maybe it becomes a trilogy, something like the UK’s version of [Marco Antonio] Barrera and [Erik] Morales. At some point in the middle rounds I expect Quigg to get into the fight and to maybe hurt Frampton, possibly to the body. I do think Quigg’s body attack is going to be one of the keys to his success. I see Quigg taking over the late rounds, closing strong, coming down the stretch just a little stronger, more confident of the two junior featherweights. Nothing would surprise me in this fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a knockout, I wouldn’t be surprised if the knockout happened in the middle or late rounds. I would be a little surprised if one guy took the other out early. That would surprise me but wouldn’t shock me.

Norm Frauenheim, The Ring magazine/
Carl Frampton UD 12 Scott Quigg:
Scott Quigg has a couple of key advantages. He’s at home and he’s bigger, perhaps more powerful, but there are enough weapons in Frampton’s skill-set for him to offset and counter Quigg, whose fans could stoke emotions that might lead him into unnecessary risks. In the end, Frampton’s poise, durable chin and versatility should be enough for a score-card margin that a hostile crowd will dislike, yet unable to dispute.

Jeffrey Freeman, KODigest.TV
Scott Quigg TKO10 Carl Frampton:
Unless I’m dropping a clanger, I really don’t think this unification title bout will be as smashing as many fans (and some blinkered trainers) are expecting. In Carl Frampton, we have a hungry Irish “Jackal” who’s fast outgrowing the 122-pound super bantamweight division. Struggling to make weight comfortably, Frampton was dropped twice in his last outing; a showcase scrap intended to be a TV commercial for a future kerfuffle with Scott Quigg. In truth, Frampton’s future lies at featherweight. Fighting at home in Manchester, UK, it’s an advantage to Quigg across the board. In the ring, Quigg makes the super bantamweight limit with far greater ease than Frampton and goes on to stop him with far greater ease than nearly anyone is expecting. Quigg in 10.

Sean Gibbons, Zanfer Matchmaker
Carl Frampton PTS 12 Scott Quigg: Great fight with Frampton edging a close decision.

Tom Gray,
Carl Frampton-Scott Quigg: For the first time ever I have no prediction on a fight. Frampton appears to have the better lateral movement and punch variety. Quigg looks stronger at the weight and has more pop on his shots. Both men are claiming that they possess the superior boxing brain and that debate will finally be settled on Feb. 27. This is an absolutely sensational match up and it represents everything that is great about the sport, but it’s so good that I’m unable to pick a winner. To paraphrase Mike Katz when he was asked for his pick on the first Leonard-Hearns bout, some days I think Frampton and some days I think Quigg and today I don’t think at all. The one thing I do know is that Frampton-Quigg, like Leonard-Hearns, will live up to its billing.

Lee Groves,
Carl Frampton PTS 12 Scott Quigg:
Quigg will benefit from the home ring advantage and he may well seize the early lead because as of late Frampton has suffered from slow starts. However, Frampton will regain his bearings, start landing his thumping hooks to the body and pound out a close, hard-fought and exciting points victory.

Ricky Hatton, former junior welterweight and welterweight champion
Scott Quigg to beat Carl Frampton:
It’s a 50-50 fight, whatever way it goes won’t surprise me but I see Quigg winning on points due to work rate or a late knockout stoppage. Quigg has a very high tempo and throws a lot of punches. I see him showing lots of angles so that Carl can’t set himself for his big punches, like he did against Martinez, and walking him on to one at some point.

David Itskowitch, COO of Boxing, Roc Nation Sports
Carl Frampton-Scott Quigg:
When you look at each fighter as a whole, each one does certain things better than the other, so it’s a pretty even match-up. It’s a pick ’em fight in my mind, but I see it being a great fight with the fans being the winners no matter which fighter wins.

Steve Kim, and
Scott Quigg PTS 12 Carl Frampton:
I like Quigg’s activity and aggression to defeat Frampton over 12 hard-fought rounds. It wouldn’t be a surprise for this to be a good enough fight that there will be clamouring for a rematch.

Kiko Martinez, former IBF junior featherweight and opponent of both
Carl Frampton to beat Scott Quigg:
I think that Frampton will win the fight on the scorecards or maybe by a knockout in the final rounds

Jolene Mizzone, Main Events matchmaker
Carl Frampton UD 12 Scott Quigg:
This is a very even fight in my opinion. I am leaning towards Frampton because he was more active than Quigg last year. I also think he’s hungrier. I also think Frampton always finds a way to win, where Quigg, sometimes doesn’t do enough.

Sergio Mora, middleweight contender
Carl Frampton to bt Scott Quigg:
That fight is too close to call. I really like both fighters. Body shots will be the difference and I feel Frampton invests more to the body. Should be a great fight. Quigg should have the edge, but I feel Frampton wins this in a close fight.

Diego Morilla,, RingTV,
Scott Quigg KO 10 Carl Frampton: A toss-up, 50-50 proposition between two unbeaten fighters in their prime in an Ireland vs England match up? A dream scenario for true boxing fans, indeed. And I truly believe the action inside the ring will match every expectation placed on this bout. Frampton’s speed and superior boxing skills could make the difference early on, but once Quigg starts landing those big bombs from all angles the tide will certainly turn in his favor, in my opinion. I expect a terrific, tough fight with Quigg emerging late to stop Frampton towards the end of a memorable bout.

Martin Mulcahey,
Carl Frampton SD 12 Scott Quigg: Grudge matches like this are always fun, but in the end emotion has little impact and the better overall boxer walks away with the victory. I see Frampton as that guy, though Quigg is the larger man he does not have the lateral mobility or forward aggression to take advantage of that and the judges should favor Frampton’s constant motion style which may keep Quigg on back foot. I also like that Frampton has defeat a better level and variety of opposition, which means a lot in a even contest like this (best of all, both men are in their primes) where mental confidence can be the small margin of difference. A cut or knockdown could make the difference, and Frampton’s slightly superior speed advantage means he could be aided by those. I get the feeling this bout ends in a draw, but it is not my nature to sit on the fence so am picking Frampton by split decision on the strength of a championship rounds rally.

Harry Pratt,
Scott Quigg TKO 11 Carl Frampton:
It’s going to be a belter. This time last year I would have gone with the Jackal. Not anymore, though. Quigg has progressed way beyond everybody’s expectations – aside those of himself, of course, and his brilliant trainer Joe Gallagher, who may just prove the difference first time round. I expect a re-match in Belfast at the end of the year.


David Price, heavyweight contender
Carl Frampton SD 12 Scott Quigg: I’ve always fancied Frampton to beat Quigg. Now it’s here and I’m sat on the fence. Both are cracking lads and top fighters. I’ll stick with my original gut instinct and say Frampton, split decision.

John J. Raspanti, Ringside Boxing Show
Carl Frampton W12 Scott Quigg: Quigg won a world championship (the WBA “interim” title) in 2012 by defeating Rendall Munroe. The slightly taller Quigg has knocked out four of his last five title challengers. Frampton captured his piece of the belt 17 months ago when he won a hard-fought 12- round decision over Kiko Martinez. He defended his crown twice in 2015. The only surprise came in his last fight when he was floored twice by unheralded Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. Frampton got up to win, but some wondered aloud about his chin. This is a 50-50 fight. Quigg is taller, but Frampton has the edge in quickness. His technique is superior. It’s debatable who hits harder. I’m taking Frampton to win a close but competitive decision. I have a feeling he’s going to box more and clip Quigg with lead right hands. His activity will be just enough to win the fight.

Cliff Rold,
Scott Quigg KO Carl Frampton:
Quigg is a little bigger naturally, a little more technically sound, and he has the crowd in his favor. Frampton is a thriller but he showed some flaws in his chin last year and he’s too willing not to get touched here. This is 50-50 going in but the lean is Quigg to win.


Michael Rosenthal, editor-in-chief, THE RING magazine
Carl Frampton KO 10 Scott Quigg: I like Scott Quigg’s all-around skill set but I think Frampton is the more gifted, more powerful guy.

Andrew Selby, 2012 Olympian and unbeaten up-and-coming pro
Scott Quigg KO Carl Frampton: I reckon Quigg could knock him out but if Frampton tries to box him he’ll make an easy job. They don’t like each other and I think he’s getting to Frampton a bit so Frampton could walk on to one.

Lee Selby, IBF featherweight
Carl Frampton to beat Scott Quigg: I think it’s a genuine 50-50 fight, they’re both good fighters, they can both punch really hard. What Frampton brings that Quigg doesn’t, is the boxing ability, I think Frampton is a better boxer, got more skill, got more than just the punching power, he can mix it up, he can box on the back foot, take it forward and he’s got the puncher and he’s got the amateur experience, which Quigg lacks in. Quigg trains extremely hard so he’s nice and fit and strong, he’s big at the weight and he punches very hard too. If I had a free bet, I’d probably have to favor Frampton because if he does decide to play it safe and just box he could make it look easy but if he gets drawn in because I don’t think they like each other I think it’s anyone’s, first one to land clean.

Mark Tibbs, British boxing trainer
Carl Frampton to bt Scott Quigg:
Frampton just edges it for me, too much variety and adapts in difficult times, Quigg has come on so looking forward to this one.

Dominic Verdin,
Carl Frampton to beat Scott Quigg: This is a tough one and I am not too sure who will take this. One of the many reasons to love this match up. I could I only wish to be there in the UK for this one! My gut feeling tells me Frampton. With that be said the winner of this enticing jr. featherweight prize fight will go on to bigger fights and bigger paydays.

Final tally: 16-9 (and two undecided) in favor of Carl Frampton to win Saturday’s junior featherweight title unification showdown with Scott Quigg.

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