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Dominic who?

He came out of nowhere to get a massive opportunity to try and do what no professional fighter has done before him: beat Gennady Golovkin and wrest away the collection of middleweight belts the fighting pride of Kazakhstan has taken by force.
OK, Dominic Wade hasn’t, in fact, come out of nowhere. He is the fighting pride of Largo, Maryland and he is known to 18 men who have lost to him.
He turned pro in 2009, boasts 12 knockouts and his best scalp is Sam Soliman.
BoxRec tells you he beat the 41-year-old Aussie via split decision and Googling tells you some folks thought he lost last June.
Soliman connected on 98 of 450 punches (22%), while Wade landed 74 of 317 (23%), according to SHOstats, a Bob Velin story tells us. Soliman connected on 64 of 228 power punches to Wade’s 35 of 99.

“I definitely felt I won and I think Wade knows I won, too,” Soliman told Velin. “He never hurt me once.”

Most fans are thinking hurt will be happening, complements of “GGG.” Promoter Tom Loeffler told me Wade is no bum, however.
“Of course, he’s a threat. Wade jumped at the opportunity to fight GGG. He is a four-time national amateur champion, young, undefeated and hungry to fight the best middleweight in the world,” Loeffler said.
3G trainer Abel Sanchez gave this assessment of Wade: “Undefeated, hungry, has a title opportunity, as far as skills, nothing really jumps out. He has average skill and power for the championship level.”
If you have seen Wade in person, talk to us…
Michael Woods is undefeated and hungry too. And that’s only because no one has picked a fight with him today (yet) and he hasn’t eaten lunch (probably thousands of delicatessens in Brooklyn and that boy still hasn’t grabbed a bite).



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