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Why Tim Bradley?

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So why aren’t we seeing WBO junior welterweight titleholder Terence Crawford, the rising star from the heartland, take on Manny Pacquiao, April 9, in Manny’s farewell fight?
Why do a third Tim Bradley tango instead of hitting the refresh button? Why not see if the young gun is actually all that, and can get the better of an all-time all-star, can wrestle the scepter from the king of the pugilistic realm, from a stardom standpoint?
I posed that question on Thursday to a man in a position to know as well as any, “Pacman” promoter Bob Arum. He’s celebrating 50 years in the business in March and, over that span, he has come to realize to sometimes listen, not talk, to get a sense of what is most sellable. “The distributors, the cable and satellite people, felt that Crawford wasn’t that well-known to feature in a pay per view against Pacquiao, that Tim Bradley would do lot bigger numbers,” said Arum, who extinguished 84 cake candles on Dec. 8. “Crawford’s time will come. He fights in New York, end of February, then at the end of June and then, hopefully, he does a pay-per-view second half of the year. He’s an amazing talent.”
Friends, always do keep in mind, this is the boxing business. And Bradley makes the best business sense. “(Crawford)’s a great young man, a future superstar but he’s not ready yet,” said “The Bobfather,” who should know. He’s had 50 years worth of lessons learned to rely on.
Michael Woods has had 46 years of lessons learned to rely on. What he got out of them (or didn’t) is a whole other story.