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Could we see Golovkin-Saunders in April?

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Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

He invaded a new sphere of stardom in 2014, did the fighting pride of Kazakhstan, Gennady Golovkin. Golovkinites are now curious to know when the baby-faced brainpan-rattler will glove up next.
I asked that of his promoter, Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions. The internet has been following along with the back-and-forth pre-negotiations with the British WBO champ Billy Joe Saunders. That titlist took said strap from Andy Lee, knocking him down twice and then cruising to a unanimous decision victory on Dec. 19. So, what’s next for “3G,” Tom?

“Looks like April,” he told me. “We’re waiting on the response to an offer to Saunders for a unification fight.”

Golovkin has a hold on the IBF belt and the WBA strap, while RING champion Canelo Alvarez currently owns the WBC’s version, which is being held in a marination station.

The Twitterati and many fight game pundits are thinking that Saunders might not want to poke a stick in the Golovkin hive. Could Saunders’ be asking so high as to price himself out of that fight, Tom? “We won’t know until we receive the response to our proposal,” Loeffler said.

That offer, I’ve heard it’s beyond substantial, actually $4 million guaranteed. True or false? “I can’t really discuss the terms of the offer; that wouldn’t be appropriate,” he answered.

If one wants to try reading between the lines, one can take a gander at Saunders’ Twitter account. On Dec. 30, he wrote, “People asking me about GGG, it’s down to my management…if I get the green light, let’s go!”

Oh-kayyy. That’s not a full-throated call to arms, is it? But he followed with, “One thing I am is a fighting man, I wouldn’t back down a fight from any man.” His recent Tweets have been about playing a soccer video game….

One man who has been quite public about his desire to test himself against 3G is the Bahamian, Tureano Johnson, who isn’t tossing his management ahead of or under the bus. He says he’ll be happy to tangle with the Kazakh whenever.

So, foe is undetermined…What about site? Back to NYC, after selling out MSG’s big room against David Lemieux in October? “It depends on the opponent,” the low-key dealmaker said.

OK, if it’s Saunders, would it be NYC? “MSG really wants GGG because of all the tickets he sold last time,” Loeffler stated, understandably.

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