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Fight Picks: Daniel Jacobs vs. Peter Quillin

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Photo credit: Rosie Cohe/Showtime

Photo credit: Rosie Cohe/Showtime

Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin will meet at middleweight in the “Battle of Brooklyn” on Saturday. The eagerly anticipated encounter takes place at Barclays Center and airs live on Showtime at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.—full-episode

With local bragging rights on the line, it’s a fight neither can afford to lose. At the press conference to announce the fight, both had strong words for the other.

“This is a big opportunity for me,” said Jacobs. “This is a big opportunity for Brooklyn. It could not have happened at a better time. I’ve been calling (Quillin) out for two years but it had to take that time to build and for our careers to blossom.”

“This fight means everything to me,” said Quillin. “It’s two guys for the Battle of Brooklyn. We are both going to have great support in the building and this fight will really inspire people.”

Jacobs (30-1, 27 knockouts) and Quillin (32-0-1, 23 KOs) are both known for their power. Both have been on the canvas and, in recent fights (Jacobs versus Sergio Mora in his last fight and when Quillin faced Andy Lee in April), both men were able to get off the canvas (and win, in Jacobs case, while Quillin drew). It will be interesting to see who can take the other’s power; whomever does will likely win the fight.

The bout is widely thought of as a 50/50 fight; however, our experts firmly believe the scales will tip in one man’s favor.

Online gambling group lists Quillin as a slight favorite at 4/6 (-150), while Jacobs is priced at 6/5 (+120). asked 15 boxing insiders for their picks:

Antoine Douglas, middleweight contender

Peter Quillin to defeat Daniel Jacobs: It’s a toss-up, I think it’s 50/50; Quillin is strong and so is Jacobs, who’s also crafty. Both have power. I think it’s evenly matched competition between the two. I would probably say Quillin.

Norm Frauenheim, The Ring/

Daniel Jacobs UD 12 Peter Quillin: Quillin figures to test Jacobs often and early with his power and aggressiveness. A knockdown wouldn’t be a surprise.

But Jacobs has shown resilience throughout his career and life. He knows how to adjust, especially with an ability to throw on the move and from angles. In the end, that will be enough for him to win on the scorecards.

Doug Fischer, editor

Peter Quillin KO Daniel Jacobs: I think it’s an even matchup, really. I think they match up well, kinda like one fighter is strong where the other fighter is not so strong. I think Daniel Jacobs has the edge in his amateur background, which gives him advantages in some ways and I think he’s the more polished boxer. I think he has the better technique and probably the faster hands. They’re both good athletes but Quillin has the physical strength and the punching power, although Jacobs can punch a little bit himself.

So I think it’s a fight where Peter Quillin is gonna have a lot of problems with the speed and movement and technique of Jacobs early on. In fact, I think Jacobs outclasses Quillin over the first five or six rounds and I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops Quillin because Quillin swings kinda wide and his balance is not the best, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Quillin tastes canvas even if it’s a flash knockdown. I think Jacobs can catch Quillin between those wide power shots but I think Quillin will get up if he goes down. Even if he’s frustrated, he’ll try to impose himself on Jacobs and I think, gradually, over the second half of the bout, he will reach Jacobs and I think Jacobs is a bit chinny. So I think (Quillin) hurts him and stops him late. (Quillin) might be trailing on the scorecards though. Quillin by late stoppage.

Jeffrey Freeman, KODigest.TV

Peter Quillin KO Danny Jacobs: I don’t know exactly what round the knockout is going to come in Brooklyn on December 5 but when it does come, it will be Danny “Needs A Miracle, Man” Jacobs on the canvas and Peter Quillin celebrating a victory. Jacobs simply lacks the chin and the temperament to deal with the animalistic “Kid Chocolate,” even if they’re friendly cats outside the ring. Quillin just hits too hard for Jacobs, a fragile fighter who was recently dropped by the feather-fisted Sergio Mora before Mora’s ankle gave out. Jacobs will suffer flashbacks to the Dmitry Pirog disaster in 2010 when Quillin finishes off his buddy with a right hand in, let’s say, the fifth round.

Tom Gray,

Peter Quillin UD12 Daniel Jacobs: I’m going to take a chance on a motivated Quillin winning the Battle of Brooklyn.

“Kid Chocolate” has been in against the superior opposition and, should he run into something big, his recuperative powers look very reliable. This one has the ingredients to be a terrific fight, no matter who prevails, and I think we’ll see 12 rounds of quality combat.

Lee Groves,

Daniel Jacobs PTS 12 Peter Quillin: I’m expecting a tense, low-output encounter in which Jacobs will use his height and reach to establish his jab, which has been better than Quillin’s as of late, as well as exploit Quillin’s looser defense, which I think is the trait that separates the two in an otherwise closely-contested match. Jacobs knows Quillin has a huge punch and I think he’ll be smart enough to take what is given to him and nothing more.

Tom Loeffler, managing director of K2 Promotions, which promotes IBF/WBA middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin

It’s a great fight between two world-class fighters, hard to pick a winner as it really depends on how their styles match up on that night. I see a close hard fight that goes the distance. Whoever wins would be a great match up for “GGG” next year.

Sergio Mora, middleweight contender

Peter Quillin KO Daniel Jacobs: Both of ’em are hard punchers; both are big middleweights. I think Peter Quillin is gonna be the even bigger middleweight, which is rare, because Jacobs is a big strong middleweight but Quillin is kinda like a light heavyweight coming down to middleweight.

I think the size and heavier punches are gonna be from Quillin. Both of them have flawed defenses and technique, so, when they punch, they leave themselves open. I can actually see both fighters getting hurt in this fight, which would turn out be a fight similar to when I fought Jacobs – that’s exciting for the fans. The only difference is Peter Quillin, I think, takes a better punch. I think he has a great trainer in Eric Brown and is going to come with a great strategy and game plan. I don’t see it going the distance, I think maybe a late stoppage by Peter Quillin in a fight Jacobs is not losing by much but he’s gonna end up getting caught and hurt and I think maybe stopped.

Diego Morilla,,,

Peter Quillin W12 Daniel Jacobs: It is a very close fight on paper and it will live up to the expectations. Both fighters are equally skilled and both are proven at this weight but, in terms of resilience and power, the advantage goes to Quillin by a meaningful margin. Kid Chocolate is the one who has faced the strongest, most powerful opponents so far, and his results have been impressive, for the most part. If Jacobs can establish his distance and his speed, he has a chance. But if Quillin is able to turn this into a fight, he’ll score a decisive win by decision or late stoppage.

John J. Raspanti, Boxing Show

Peter Quillin TKO 9 Daniel Jacobs: I have to go with Peter Quillin for two reasons. Talent and whiskers.

Quillin has also been in with the better fighters during his 10-year career. He showed a strong chin against Andy Lee seven months ago.

Cancer survivor Daniel Jacobs is a great guy but looked vulnerable against Sergio Mora in his last fight.

If the feather-fisted “Latin Snake” can knock him down, Quillin, with 23 KOs, can stop him.

Salvador Rodriguez, ESPN Deportes

Peter Quillin PTS Daniel Jacobs: Peter Quillin by decision. The experience and tough position could give Kid Chocolate the victory!

Cliff Rold,

Peter Quillin KO Daniel Jacobs: Both guys have been on the deck recently. Quillin didn’t get put there by Sergio Mora. Factor in Qullin’s superior power and this seems like “Kid Chocolate’s” fight to lose.

Mark Tibbs, trainer of middleweight contender Billy Joe Saunders

Daniel Jacobs KO Peter Quillin: I’d go with Jacobs by KO, brings more variety to the table for me, although I hope he’s a tad sharper than Quillin.

Dominic Verdin,

Daniel Jacobs PTS 12 Peter Quillin: Danny Jacobs has all the physical gifts, speed, power, great all-around boxing skills. However, his chin is highly suspect and Peter Quillin can punch.

I can see Jacobs taking control from the opening round. Administering a boxing lesson for the majority of the fight. Somewhere around the 10th round, Quillin will rally late, giving the impression that he could very well pull off the upset. Jacobs will hit the canvas in rounds 11 and 12 but it won’t be enough. Jacobs will survive a close one, taking a razor-thin decision.

Michael Woods, and editor of

Peter Quillin to defeat Daniel Jacobs: Coin flip fight, I love ’em. Two youngish guns, both with explosivity and athleticism. Jacobs maybe has mental edge as Quillin has been talking like a boxer/businessman last two years. But Sergio Mora sent Jacobs to the mat last fight and Quillin fought a part timer in Michael Zerafa. Leaning toward Quillin, without massive conviction.

Final tally: 10-4 (and one undecided) in favor of Peter Quillin to win Saturday’s middleweight showdown with Daniel Jacobs.

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