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Floyd Mayweather Jr. declines opportunity for Rousey revenge

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Full on props, sir.

You could have ripped her a new one and many folks would have shrugged, feeling she deserved it after lacing into you several times.

But no, you took the high road, Floyd Mayweather, and you are to be commended for it.

In case you missed it, and you didn’t, Ronda Rousey was found to be conquerable on Saturday. A lady who’d trained in MMA for a scant two-plus years, but who came to the table with A-grade boxing skills, showed that “Rowdy” wasn’t all that her rooters hyped her up to be. After she got KTFO by Holly Holm, many expected Mayweather, with whom she’d swapped insults through the media, to cackle and brag.


“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t speak on nobody’s situation,” he begged off to journalist David Mayo at a basketball game on Sunday night. “You win some, you lose some.”

Did he want to sleep on it, serve that revenge dish cold? Nope; he spoke to and continued down the same road, the classy one. In a story running Tuesday, he said, “I’m proud of the new girl, Holly, I’m proud of Ronda,” he said, lauding all involved for building Rousey to such a place.

He continued, offering the theory that she’d talked trash about him to gain buzz, and likely didn’t truly mean it. “If I was her, I would’ve used Floyd Mayweather’s name also,” he admitted.

Floyd continued, saying he’d let Holm and Rousey fight others for a spell before booking a rematch. That “marination” method allowed him to make $300 million, he said, for the bout with Pacman, rather than $100 million.

He then added, toward Rousey, “If you need help as far as boxing, I’m here to help you.”

My take: As far as Floyd’s taking the high road, a Twitter pal said he thought it was all for show, that he doesn’t actually mean it. Hey, I think we take what we can get. If we are all mind-readers and think when people are speaking nicely they really want to be speaking ill, I think that’s a tad cynical. Let’s take him at face value and appreciate Mayweather showing some of that high-road, role-model behavior that people frustrated by him so often ask for.

Bravo, Mr. Mayweather.