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Q&A: Viktor Postol

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Photo credit: Elite Boxing

Photo credit: Elite Boxing

Viktor Postol, a 2-1 underdog with some bookmakers at the time, entered the ring at the StubHub Center, Carson, Calif. on the night of Oct. 3 to face Lucas Matthysse for the vacant WBC junior welterweight crown.
Early on, the Ukrainian fighter boxed well and made a mockery of the odds, sweeping the early rounds. By the middle rounds, Matthysse had forced his way into the fight. The “Iceman” lived up to his moniker and reaffirmed his position in the fight before closing the show in the 10th frame. A clean right hand dropped Matthysse, who elected to take the count.

I don’t think about the knockout before the fight,” Postol (28-0, 12 knockouts) said through translator Viktoriya Fedorova last week in Kunming, China at the 53rd annual WBC convention last week. “I go in the ring and fight and the knockout comes.
“I try to show the people my beautiful boxing tactics. The people can see and enjoy the very good boxing and the fights end very well and the people are very happy. In my fights, I think about my combinations and do what my trainers tell me.”
It was announced at the convention that Postol can make a voluntary defense of his title in his next bout. He’s also interested in facing Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao and fellow 140-pound beltholder Terence Crawford. spoke with Postol at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kunming and got his thoughts on the Matthysse fight, his new status and the future. – You beat Lucas Matthysse a month ago to win the WBC junior welterweight title. Tell us about the fight.

Viktor Postol – I’m very happy. It was the main goal in my life. It was a dream. I’m very lucky that I won. I want to go further. I prepare for fights with great champions and I know it’s only starting.

RTV – Matthysse was the favorite and many fans thought he would win. You started well and overcame his efforts in the middle rounds to close the show

VP – We spoke to Freddie Roach and our Ukrainian trainer about the tactics, then, in the second part of the fight, I would step things up. These were our tactics and we won.

RTV – When you won the title, how did your life change?

VP – I’m the champion; I’m very happy. I have more friends after my win but I’m normal and think about my future and I want to defend my title.

Photo credit: Elite Boxing

Photo credit: Elite Boxing

RTV – How popular are you in Ukraine now?

VP – Many people show up for me at the airport, in the city. I’ve been on the number one TV channel in Ukraine. The fight was on TV in Ukraine; many people can see the knockout. Every day, journalists call and interview me in Ukraine. The Minister of Sports congratulated me. We had a meeting with (RING heavyweight champion) Wladimir Klitschko. Vitali Klitschko didn’t because he’s very busy with politics. I met with Wladimir Klitschko; he said, “Don’t stop.” Wladimir Klitschko and me had one trainer, Aleksandr Polischuk. He prepared Wladimir Klitschko for the Olympic Games and, now, in Ukraine, I trained with him. Klitschko said, “After my fight with (Tyson) Fury, I come back to Ukraine and I will have a meeting with Postol and other champions in Ukraine.”

RTV – You look like you could be Wladimir’s younger brother.

VP – I am the third brother (laughs). Many people said that we have the same tactics and look similar. Now the brothers know who is Viktor Postol (laughs).

RTV – You have another fight with HBO?

VP – My next fight will be in the USA and I have a contract with HBO.

RTV – Who would you like to fight?

VP – I am prepared to box with the great champions, with the best of the best, Manny Pacquiao, maybe Terence Crawford. But we are thinking which fight will be more interesting for the people.

RTV – Would it be awkward to fight Pacquiao because you are both trained by Freddie Roach?

VP – If this fight happens Freddie Roach said he will decide who he will train and if he trains Manny Pacquiao, we would find another training camp.

RTV – Is there anything you’d like to add?

VP – I want to say a big thank you to the owner of my boxing company, Elite Boxing Promotion, Stepan Chernovetskiy, my trainer Freddie Roach and Aleksandr Polischuk, my wife Olga, all my team in Ukraine and America, Vadim Kornilov and Marvin Somodio.

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