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Does David Lemieux know something we don’t?

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He appears at ease, doesn’t seem unduly fazed by the mountain of a task which stands in front of him Saturday night.

IBF middleweight titlist David Lemieux is able to shoot the bull, chuckle about the brand of hair product he uses to tame his Faux-hawk, looks like his pulse isn’t raised above where it should be when he’s playing a game of solitaire.

But, as the trainer to WBA beltholder Gennady Golovkin, one Abel Sanchez posed this to me, how many guys going into a Golovkin fight are advertising their nerves publicly? How many are obviously battling a butterfly invasion in their guts? Noted…

Seemingly, not Lemieux; the 26-year-old turnaround product who did a gut check after two 2011 losses, switched his support team and now finds himself making an oversized check for the right to try to dirty up the Golovkin resume.

But I do wonder, deep down and even up front in his head (but not being made available to the masses – or maybe even his closest inner circle), does Lemieux think…does he really KNOW he’s going to win?

“He’s a very good fighter. There’s no doubt about that but I’m I also have the tools to undo what he’s got,” Lemieux told me Wednesday before the main event press conference unfolded in the Madison Square Garden Theater. “I’m not living this Garden without those belts,” he declared, his decibel level not rising, as promoter Oscar De La Hoya and manager Camille Estephan sat nearby, pondering the glorious what ifs, if the Canadian shocks the fight world Saturday.

I put it to Lemieux that Golovkin just told me 20 minutes before that he’d never been off his feet in a fight…not in a bout, not in sparring, not in the street. Whoa…does this guy have an iron chin? “Yeah, sure, he has a good chin but I’m ready to put that to the test,” Lemieux said. “I think I will put him off of his feet…I’m pretty sure I will. Let’s see how tough his chin is. Yes he has a good chin; he’s a tough guy…but he’s only human.”

Undoubtedly…but will we see conclusive proof, in the form of something that has never happened before, in NYC, on Saturday? History indicates the contrary but this boxing business is the theater of the unexpected. We…shall…see.


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