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Terry Flanagan destroys Diego Magdaleno in two rounds

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Photo by Ben Hoskins / Getty Images

Photo by Ben Hoskins / Getty Images

Unbeaten British lightweight Terry Flanagan retained his WBO title for the first time with a stunning second-round stoppage of Diego Magdaleno in Manchester, England, on Saturday, and justified his standing as a top operator at 135 pounds.

The official time was 2:38.

A perfect right hook counter by Flanagan (29-0, 12 knockouts) dropped the American on the seat of his pants in Round 2 and, if that was impressive, the follow-up was dazzling. A terrific left uppercut to the chin sent the visitor crashing into the ropes and a thumping three-punch combination floored him a second time.

There was an argument for a stoppage at this point but the challenger rose gamely. Flanagan, though, was in no mood to let him off and unleashed a horrible assault, which registered a third knockdown.

The American remarkably got to his feet again but was semi-conscious and the referee halted the bout with the Englishman crashing home single head shots at will.

“I knew he was hurt after the second knockdown,” said Flanagan when interviewed by BoxNation in the U.K. “I’ve proven to everyone that I’m a real world champion. I’m humble and down to earth but I’ve still got this belt around my waist.”

Flanagan won the vacant WBO 135-pound title when noted puncher Jose Zepeda retired on his stool with a badly dislocated shoulder. Only two rounds had been completed and critics maintained that the Englishman hit the lottery on a technicality.

Tonight, he was given the opportunity to work and it’s clear that his lefty stance and tenacity will be a tough riddle to solve. The versatile Englishman can box extremely well but, as he proved tonight, is also adept at slugging it out and he lives the life of a consummate professional.

Known as “Turbo”, the quick-fisted Flanagan has truly arrived.


Tom Gray is a member of the British Boxing Writers’ Association and has contributed to various publications. Follow him on Twitter: @Tom_Gray_Boxing