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AB versus…TBE?

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Adrien Broner w Floyd Mayweather PBC presser fukuda
The rumor reached me from my best, on-the-ground source, Mr. X.
“Woodsy, I’m hearing rumblings…They are thinking Adrien Broner versus Floyd Mayweather if and when Floyd decides to get bored of being the world-traveler, an Instagram Hall of Famer. AB vs. TBE.”

Hmmm…I was thinking we’d be heading in that direction three years ago.

Back then, I was chatting with an HBO exec.
“Broner got talent, sure, but could it be we see the kid go off the rails?” I asked the suit.
Yeah, he acknowledged; that is the biggest if.
“Talented, but how will success affect him?” the guy asked me in turn.

Fast forward a couple years…

We saw how fame and fortune affected the Cincy hitter. We saw and he admitted it to us. The money got to my head, he said. Now, he stated, he’s got that head screwed on straight. No more funny business, he told us. And certainly, his walk matched his talk when he stopped rugged Russian Khabib Allakhverdiev last weekend. So, we look forward, wonder if he can keep up that momentum to the degree that when Floyd gets bored, AB will be front and center as his logical next…

I put it to Coach Mike Stafford, Broner’s longtime tutor and father-figure.

Mike, I’m hearing AB and TBE, talk to me…

“You never know what Floyd’s up to,” the amiable Ohioan told me. “He is about money and business. Whatever he comes up with, Al Haymon got an answer for it. We’re not smarter than Al; we go with what Al says.”

So, if Floyd does get bored, wants to glove up end of 2016, would AB do that? “End of 2016, AB would have a better shot at winning.”

So…Stafford didn’t shoot the rumor down. Talk to me, friends. Your thoughts?
Hey, you. Woodsy just asked you a question. Don’t act like you weren’t paying attention…Well, maybe you weren’t. Oh, well. Get your encore performance here.