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Is Bryant Jennings next for Deontay Wilder?

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I’ve been hearing this rumor for many moons now. Next for Deontay Wilder, after a couple of softball slam-fests, will be a step-up match.

Two steps, actually.

January. Bryant Jennings. The “Bronze Bomber” vs. the athletic Philly hitter who impressed many by hanging right there with Wladimir Klitschko when they tussled in NYC in April.

The rumor solidified when Jennings referenced him versus the Alabaman on his Instagram.

I followed up, reached out to some Jennings people, to check the veracity of the post and am awaiting a touch-back. I also messaged a Wilder envoy to ask the same.

Meanwhile, let’s keep on the train to Rumorville and chat about this puncher/boxer vs. boxer tangle while we chug along…Wilder is better than detractors believe but some jurists are still deliberating, with some thinking he could have – if he did really have detonative fists – take out an Eric Molina and Johann Duhaupus in more crisp fashion. Neither are even B-plus boxers, after all…Jennings got a late start in boxing, made up immense ground, but still needs to make a leap. Skill, some solid traits…but will be getting more ops on big stages and needs to prove he belongs there.

Your thoughts, Ring-a-lings?


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