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Saunders apologizes to fans as he prepares for career-saving surgery

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Saunders took a count in his first pro loss before being disqualified.

Saunders took a count in his first professional loss before being disqualified.

Junior welterweight prospect Bradley Saunders (12-1, 9 knockouts) is preparing to meet with a specialist hand surgeon in a bid to save his career.

On Saturday, Saunders damaged both of his hands in a disastrous comeback fight which resulted in his first professional defeat.

In frustration, and under duress from Frenchman Renald Garrido, Saunders deliberately butted his opponent in full view of referee Steve Grey, giving him no option but to disqualify the former Beijing Olympian in Round 6.

“I apologize to everybody for the way it ended,” said the 29-year-old. “My left hand went in the second round and my right went the fourth. I didn’t want to turn my back or take a knee so that was my way of keeping him off, in the heat of the moment.”

Post-fight, Saunders uploaded images of his hands in splints via social media channels.

He said, “I went straight to the doctors afterwards. I’ve ruptured ligaments and a previous bone graft has been moved, so it’s not where it should be anymore.”

The cause of the disqualification angered fight fans.

Saunders responded to those reactions, “It is what it is and all I can do is apologize, but if people don’t like violence then they shouldn’t be watching boxing.”

A disappointed Saunders immediately called for a rematch after the fight.

“I’ll go back and regroup, and speak to my manager Daniel Kinahan and trainer Danny Vaughan,” he concluded.

Information provided courtesy of a press release issued by Sports Marketing Manager Tim Rickson