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Andre Berto in words and photos

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Andre Berto hosted a press workout on Friday in Los Angeles ahead of his Sept. 12 appointment with Floyd Mayweather Jr., a matchup that has been much maligned by the press and fans alike. This is what the former two-time welterweight titleholder had to say:

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 06 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“I know that I’m still the same guy who people thought could have given Floyd problems a couple years ago. … From an energy aspect I feel great. It’s my first time in a while coming into a fight with no injuries. This is the healthiest I’ve been since I can remember.”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 03 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“At the end of the day, this fight was supposed to happen two or three times. Situations with me not taking care of myself and not taking opponents seriously caused it to happen. But styles make fights and we’ll see what the boxing fans say Sept. 12.”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 04 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero both got fights with Floyd because they beat me. There must be something to that. They said, ‘If he did something to Berto, he should get a shot at Floyd.'”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 05 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“We’re here. It’s my time to see him. He can have his ‘MayVinci’ code because we put in the work. The whole team is confident. I’m going to do what I do.”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 02 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“If you come at Floyd fast but don’t have a plan and don’t have good footwork, it’s too easy for him. If you have a guy that’s as athletic as him, it gives him problems. … There is a lot more to me than just walking guys down. I have speed, I have power, I have a crazy uppercut, I can move to the side. There are a lot of ways I can get it done.”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 07 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

This is my first time going into a fight without all the pressure on my back. I’ve always been the favorite in every fight. I don’t know what he’s feeling and I don’t really have to care about it … I’m not going to watch his sparring. I don’t want to watch him driving his cars, none of that. I want to see him Sept. 12.”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 09 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“It’s a different mindset. Coming from where I come from, we always had to defeat the odds. We didn’t have what other people had. We had to work twice as hard for everything. To be noticed to be seen. Even back then it drove me to be the best that I can be. I wanted everyone to know I was somebody you had to watch. … I’ve faced these odds my whole life. I was discounted two years ago when I was laying in the hospital. I’m constantly envisioning victory.”

Andre Berto workout 8-28-15 - 10 - photo by Scott Hirano_Showtime

“I’ve prepared myself mentally to be in this position. People can say whatever they want. We’re focused … This is going to be for everyone who believes in the underdog.”

Quotes were taken from a press release. Photos by Scott Hirano/Showtime.