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Press release: Perez-Mikhaylenko scouting report

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On Saturday, Venezuelan veteran Johan Perez will face Russian prospect Dmitry Mikhaylenko in a 12-round bout for the NABA welterweight title on HBO Latino. Below is the scouting report on the matchup from respected matchmaker Jolene Mizzone of Main Events, which promotes Mikhalenko:


Johan “El Terrible” Perez

Dmitry “The Mechanic” Mikhaylenko





20-2-1 (13 KOs)

19-0-0 (8 KOs)


Perez has quick hands and a good jab that he utilizes well. He also moves around the ring effectively, making it difficult at times for his opponent to cut the ring off.

Dmitry has incredible endurance; he can throw an unlimited amount of punches each round and utilizes an in-your-face style throughout the entire fight.


Johan has a tendency to get sloppy, he can be seen throwing punches from his waist at times and also leaves himself open defensively making it easy for his opponents to capitalize.

Mikhaylenko does not possess knockout power in either hand; his in-your-face style also allows his opponents to land shots as well.


Perez will have an advantage here. He has more pro bouts under his belt and has been in the ring with the tougher opposition, including former title contenders Pablo Cesar Cano and Mauricio Herrera.

Dmitry will be at a slight disadvantage here; he has fewer pro bouts under his belt and has yet to face any top-level opposition. His biggest win to date came against former title contender Sechew Powell just one year ago.


El Terrible will be at a slight advantage here; he has a good uppercut and a good right hand that can alter the game plan of his opposition.

Dmitry will be at a disadvantage here as he lacks adequate power in both hands.


Perez has great hand speed when he puts together combinations.

The Mechanic has good hand speed, which becomes more evident during his flurries of punches.


Perez has proven to have solid endurance. He has been a full 12 rounds in three of his past four bouts, and has gone 10 rounds on four separate occasions.

Mikhaylenko will have an advantage here as he possesses great endurance. He is able to maintain a steady pace throughout the entire fight while also utilizing a high punch output as well.


Johan has average accuracy, he tends to get sloppy at times throwing desperate punches, such as punching while moving backwards or standing straight up with his chin out.

Dmitry possesses good accuracy; he fights at a very close range and throws punches and combinations from all angles at a very short distance.


Perez sticks his jab and moves well making it difficult for anyone to get inside on that long reach of his. However, he has a tendency to get caught up in the aggression of his opposition and fight a smaller man’s fight, which ultimately leads to him taking shots in order to give them back.

Dmitry’s offense might just be his best defense. He likes to dictate the pace of the fight by walking his opponents down, which typically results in him overwhelming his opponents with an offensive onslaught of punches.


Perez has a solid chin. He has yet to touch the canvas in his pro career, which says a lot considering the volume punchers and heavy hitters he has faced like Mauricio Herrera and Yoshihiro Kamegai.

Dmitry has yet to be in any great danger during his pro career, so his chin is still in question.


Johan is a boxer with a good stiff jab, who also likes to stand and trade shots with his opponents when given the chance to do so.

Mikhaylenko is a volume puncher, he likes to throw punches from all angles and apply constant pressure throughout the fight.

Crowd Support

Johan will have an advantage here as he has fought in California and other parts of the west coast before. He has also fought bigger names as well so he may be the more recognizable face coming in.

Dmitry may be at a slight disadvantage here, however, his aggressive in-your-face style may win him some crowd support by the end of the night.


Johan Perez has an impressive resume with wins against former top contenders, and losses against former title challengers. This fight against an undefeated, tough Russian fighter in Dmitry Mikhaylenko is a fight that Perez did not need to take. However, he wants to keep improving and continue to show the world that he will fight anyone, even if it means risking his top ten ranking in the process.

Mikhaylenko has an undefeated record at 19-0 and is not trying to protect it by any means. Instead of padding up his perfect record he has decided to jump right into lion’s den by taking on a guy who has been in with the division’s best. He will be taking on a guy who young but who has been on the big stage against a number of top challengers. Dmitry understands the risk of taking this fight and is also fully aware that this can be the game-changer in his young career.

The Match-Up

  1. Will Perez be able to handle Mikhaylenko’s in-your-face non-stop punches?
  2. Will Mikhaylenko be able to handle Perez’ power?
  3. Will Mikhaylenko’s big amateur resume help him get through different obstacles in this fight?
  4. Will Perez’ previous competition help him in this bout?


According to Mizzone, “This is a fight that both guys didn’t have to take. You have an up-and-coming prospect in Mikhaylenko, with an undefeated record facing a guy with a lot more experience who has faced tougher competition. These are the type of fights that we need to see more in boxing. I give both guys credit for accepting this fight.”