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Peter Quillin could return at New York City’s Pier 79

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I do like that outside the box thinking, especially in our sometimes dusty realm that is Bash Boulevard.

F’rinstance…I think sometime we aren’t stirring the pot with choices of venue…I mean, casinos are great places to summon false hope and lose more of your paycheck than you intended, but as destinations to see a boxing event, casinos are…a good place to lose money.

However, I get word from a source that we are getting some outside the box thinking on Sept. 6, in NYC; Peter Quillin, the BoxRec number three middleweight, will take on TBA in Manhattan, but no, not at one of the usual suspects of venues.

Quillin will take on Mr. X at Pier 79, at NYC’s maritime entertainment district. Oh, and now fistic entertainment district.

The 31-0-1 hitter, last seen playing Andy Lee for a yo yo in nabbing a SD12 in April at Barclays Center, will do his thing with a Hudson River backdrop, and give strolling Joes and Janes, tourists, frolicking city-folk and the like something to gawk at…

The grapevine says that the grand plan is for Quillin to have a best of NYC middleweights tussle with Danny Jacobs around the holidays, but he will have to get pass a test along the lines of James De La Rosa or Matthew Macklin first, at the Pier.

Hey, the fights are first, they have to be compelling. But veering from the same old same old can go a ways in re-invigoating the sport.

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