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Shane Mosley Q&A: ‘It’s my time now’

Mosley vs. Ricardo Mayorga. (Photo: Harry How/Getty)
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Shane Mosley (L) just after knocking Ricardo Mayorga down late in the 12th round on Sept. 27, 2008. Seconds later he would finish the job with a knockout punch. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images.

Shane Mosley (L) just after knocking Ricardo Mayorga down late in the 12th round on Sept. 27, 2008. Seconds later he would finish the job with a knockout punch. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images.

On Aug. 29 at The Forum in Inglewood, California, “Sugar” Shane Mosley (47-9-1, 39 knockouts) will end a 22-month retirement and make his return to the ring against Ricardo Mayorga. It’s a rematch of their 2008 showdown in which Mosley scored a last-second knockout in the 12th round.

The announcement of the fight was met with a fair share of skepticism considering that Mayorga (31-8-1, 25 KOs) hasn’t been in a competitive fight since being stopped by Miguel Cotto in 2011. The Nicaraguan came out of a three-year retirement in 2014 and stopped lightly regarded opponents Allen Medina and Andrik Saralegui, who combined for an abysmal record of 16-24-1. Criticism has also been voiced about the hefty $50 pay-per-view price tag while a highly anticipated bout between Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares will be on free television and take place not too far away at the Staples Center.

Mosley spoke to about the criticism, why he believes Al Haymon is bad for boxing and his plans to return as a full-time fighter. Shane, it’s been almost seven years since you beat Mayorga. Of all the opponents you could have selected for your return bout, why him?

Shane Mosley: He’s been talking a lot of trash on Twitter. He talked about my son and my girl. He’s so disrespectful and it’s like he wants to fight me. So let’s go! You want it and now you’ve got it. What Mayorga doesn’t know is that I still have the power to knock him out. I’m not taking s–t no more from anyone. It’s my time now and he’s the perfect opponent for my comeback.

RTV: The question a lot of people have is why this fight is taking place on the same night and in the same city that Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz are squaring off on free television. What do you have to say to that?

SM: (Premiere Boxing Champions) planned this fight after mine was already done. In fact, I had The Forum and the StubHub Center on hold. It was my night right there from the beginning.

Honestly, nobody is going to watch Mares and Santa Cruz. I sold out Staples Center with my fights against Antonio Margarito and Oscar De La Hoya. Come on, nobody wants to see those two. That’s just something that somebody wanted to put on just to block. I’m not worried about that.

RTV: By “somebody” I assume that you are referring to Al Haymon. You think he decided to put on the Santa Cruz-Mares bout on the same date as your return bout out of spite?

I’m almost positive that he was aware that my fight was being held in California on that night. But he’s been doing this to everybody. He’s trying to monopolize the whole system. I’m doing my fight with my own promotional company. He just wants to have control over the entire boxing industry. He feels that he can muscle his way into whatever he wants. I don’t think that’s good for the sport.

RTV: So you believe that what Haymon is doing with PBC is bad for business?

SM: It may be good now to have these fights on free television but it’s becoming a monopoly. He’s ruining the sport. People like him are why you can’t get certain fighters to face each other. It’s just not good and he’s trying get all of the money I guess.

RTV: Do you think people will see a $50 price tag as a hefty price to pay for this fight, though? Realistically, what can you expect?

SM: I’m not really sure, a couple hundred thousand, maybe? You see, I do a million buys every time I fight on PPV but I’m really not sure how this one will sell now that Haymon and everyone else is trying to block. I really don’t know.

RTV: Assuming that you beat Mayorga, what are your plans? Is this a one-off or will we be seeing more Shane Mosley in the future?

SM: I’m out to get a rematch with everyone who has beaten me. If you have a win over me then I’m going after you to get that win back.

RTV: I know that you’ve beaten him twice, but Oscar De La Hoya recently teased about a comeback. Considering how closely contested those fights were, would you want to face Oscar a third time?

SM: If he wants to come back for a rematch he can get it too. But my focus is on guys like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. I was hurt when I fought both of them. I had a left leg issue with Manny and with Floyd I had a pulled groin so I want to get those fights back. I’ll fight Miguel Cotto again too, even though I know I beat him the first time.

RTV: Shane, tell the people they should buy this fight?

SM: People forget that the first fight was close before I knocked him out with one second left (Note: Two judges saw it 107-102 and 105-104 for Mosley while the third judge saw it 105-104 in Mayorga’s favor). That knockout was historical. Nobody has ever knocked anyone out with one second to go. They had the scorecards kind of close before I knocked him out and he’s still mad about that. But I’m gonna try to get him out of there in five or six rounds. I’ll see if he’s in shape or what’s going on. But I know I’m sharp and ready to make a comeback. It’s my time now.