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Oscar De La Hoya: Cotto-Alvarez ‘very close’

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Oscar De La Hoya plans to wrap up the Miguel Cotto-Canelo Alvarez negotiations when he meets with Michael Yormark, Cotto’s promoter, in a few hours at De La Hoya’s office in Los Angeles.

The fight is expected to take place in November, most likely in Las Vegas.

“We have a meeting today at 5 p.m. (PT) and we’re not leaving the office until we have something set in stone,” De La Hoya told early Thursday afternoon, although he didn’t say when a formal announcement might be made.

“We’re close, very close. It’s just little details, nothing major.”

The event will take place either Nov. 7 or Nov. 21. And while the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the “leading candidate” to land the fight, De La Hoya said nothing is set.

Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, as well sites in Texas and New York, also have been mentioned.

“That’s something we’ll discuss today,” said De La Hoya, referring to the location. “Major fights in the history of the sport have taken place in Las Vegas. From a pay-per-view standpoint, Las Vegas for some reason is the perfect starting point to building that wild fire and it spreading all over the country.

“It seems like you must stage the big fights in Las Vegas to get that domino effect. I would say Las Vegas is the leading candidate right now.”

Many view Cotto-Alvarez as the second biggest possible matchup, after Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao.

The fight is expected to take place at a catchweight. Cotto is the RING and WBC middleweight champ but has been fighting well below the 160-pound limit. He said a showdown with Alvarez, a junior middleweight, could take place at 155 pounds.