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Fight Picks: Adrien Broner vs. Shawn Porter

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Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter meet this Saturday in an intriguing catchweight contest at 144 pounds. It will be broadcast on NBC at 8:30 p.m ET/ 5:30 p.m PT and in the U.K. on Sky Sports 1 at 1:30 a.m.
“The Battle for Ohio” takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. It looks like an even matchup between the supremely talented Broner (30-1, 22 knockouts) and the hard-charging Porter (25-1-1, 16 KOs).
Former RING light heavyweight champion and current heavyweight contender/”Premier Boxing Champions” commentator Antonio Tarver sees an interesting fight that either man can win.
“Great matchup of two young stars,” Tarver told RingTV.com. “The flamboyant Broner showed me in his last fight that he truly believes he’s the game’s next Mayweather and he wants everybody to believe it too. Porter is finally coming into his own. This fight comes down to if Broner dictates distance and keeps the fight in the center of the ring, he wins a decision; if he fights with his back on the ropes, stoppage by Porter.”
Broner, 25, has won titles at 130 and 135 and then jumped to 147. When he made the leap from lightweight to welterweight, he beat Paulie Malignaggi to become a three-division beltholder: however, he didn’t look the imperious force he had at the lighter weights. Broner dropped a decision to Marcos Maidana in his following fight – twice climbing off the canvas. To his credit, however, he showed heart and grit to get through the fight. Since the loss, “The Problem” has won his last three fights, though down at 140 pounds.
Porter, 27, fought at middleweight in the amateurs; however, at 5-foot-7, he lacked the size to fight near that weight in the pros. He worked his way down to welterweight and after initially looking ordinary, he matured into an impressive force of nature at his new weight. Beating former lightweight titlist Julio Diaz in their rematch [they drew in their first bout], Porter parlayed his victory into a title shot, surprisingly out-hustling Devon Alexander. He bludgeoned Malignaggi in his first defense and then lost a close fight – and his IBF belt – to Kell Brook. Since that loss last August, Porter has returned to his winning ways, beating late sub Erick Bone in March.
Online gambling group bet365.com lists Broner as a slight favorite at evens (+100), while Porter is priced at 4/5 (-125).
RingTV.com asked 21 boxing insiders for their picks:

Kenny Adams, trainer of 25 world champions

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: I see Broner beating Porter because you don’t know [how] Porter’s coming to the fight and I don’t think he’ll beat Broner. He might have too much up his sleeve for Porter. Broner is the more skilled boxer and touch Porter more. Unless Porter can take him out of his game plan but I don’t see that happening. I would say decision, Broner.


Kevin Cunningham, trainer of Devon Alexander

Adrien Broner UD 12 Shawn Porter: I think it’s gonna be a good fight. I think Broner is a lot more skilled and as long as he fights a smart fight with his skills and ability, he should beat Shawn Porter relatively easy.

Norm Frauenheim, THE RING magazine/www.15rounds.com

Adrien Broner UD 12 Shawn Porter: Scales in a pick ’em fight are tipped against Shawn Porter by a catchweight. It looked as if Porter had a tough time making 147 in his last outing. It’ll be even tougher to make 144, especially against Broner, who will use his advantages in reach and speed to make Porter chase him early. A tired Porter figures to be an easy target in the final rounds, allowing Broner to win on the cards.


Jeffrey Freeman, www.KODigest.TV

Adrien Broner TKO 7 Shawn Porter: According to my reliable inside sources, Adrien Broner used to give Shawn Porter all kinds of problems in sparring. That doesn’t always translate to a guaranteed win in the prize ring but, this time, it will. Neither Ohio native will have to look too hard for the other and both of these 144 pound catchweight welterweights will be right there in the pocket with something to prove. Look for Broner to capitalize on his superior boxing skills as well as Porter’s vulnerability to accurate counterpunchers. When Porter finally realizes he can’t hang with “AB” on the inside without getting mauled, “Showtime” will retreat to the outside where Broner will then go after him and finish Porter off with an accumulation of punishment.


Tom Gray, RingTV.com

Shawn Porter SD 12 Adrien Broner: The main concern I had when this fight was announced was the catchweight rubbish.

It defies belief that a unit like Shawn Porter can make welterweight and to ask him to trim off an extra three pounds is frankly appalling but, hey-ho, that’s top-flight boxing in this day and age.

Still, I’ve heard whispers that Porter is handling the weight better than we might expect and, for that reason, I’m tipping him to win.

Broner, a super talented pot-shot artist, will always have the same problems because he is who he is. His work rate is persistently low; he is not an effective combination puncher and, unlike his idol, Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr., he is findable.

Kell Brook was able to pickpocket rounds from Shawn Porter but Brook is massive for the weight, whereas Broner doesn’t have the firepower required to keep him honest. I can see Porter being too busy, too hungry and too relentless.

Broner’s skills and solid chin will keep him in the mix but he won’t work hard enough over 12 rounds to earn the victory. Whether the judges see the fight everyone else does is open to question.


Lee Groves, RingTV.com

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: This is a very difficult pick because both have flaws that can be exploited by each other. The 144-pound catchweight will definitely benefit Broner, whose performances at the full welterweight limit haven’t been as impressive as those at lighter weights. Porter began his career at 165 and 144 will be the lowest weight of his career, which he achieved against Anges Adjaho more than four years ago. If Porter’s body can recover from the strain, he can give Broner problems (pun intended), especially since Broner is one of the sport’s slowest starters. Because I think Broner is the more explosive fighter, whose fast punches can crack the tender scar tissue above Porter’s eyes, he will do just enough to win a hard-fought decision.


Robert Guerrero, welterweight contender

Shawn Porter SD 12 Adrien Broner: This is a very evenly matched fight but I’m leaning towards Porter because he’s had more experience fighting at welterweight. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Broner wins, I’m still picking Porter to win a close split decision.


Andreas Hale, KnockoutNation.com

Shawn Porter SD 12 Adrien Broner: Adrien Broner has all of the tools to be one of this era’s greats; it’s just a matter of whether or not he’ll use them. We know what Shawn Porter will bring to the ring and it’s something that Broner isn’t too fond of: suffocating aggression. I don’t foresee the catchweight being an issue but it will be a matter of which Broner shows up on Saturday night. If it’s the flat-footed fighter who showed impressive power at 135 but didn’t carry over to welterweight, he’s in trouble. Broner’s bravado won’t serve him well against the hard-hitting Porter, who will attack with ferocity and feast on a stationary target. But if it’s the boxer who utilized movement and a jab that we saw against John Molina, things could get interesting. Porter isn’t as slow nor as lumbering as Molina but Broner has a much better chance putting him on the end of his jab and clipping him coming in like Kell Brook did. I suspect we’re going to get a mix of both as Broner will box early and get worn down by Porter’s aggression in the mid-to-late rounds as we end up with a very narrow win for “Showtime.”


Ricky Hatton, former junior welterweight and welterweight champion

Adrien Broner to beat Shawn Porter: Its a 50/50 fight. Styles make fights but if I have to pick then I will go with Broner. He likes boxers who come at him to fight and then he likes to stand off, using the shoulder roll and pick his shots a lot like Floyd (Mayweather Jr.) does, so I will go with Broner.


Reggie Johnson, former middleweight and light heavyweight champion

Shawn Porter to beat Adrien Broner: I think Porter’s going to win that fight. I think, at the end of the day, Porter’s going to end up winning. I think it’s going to be an even fight going down the stretch but I think Porter ends up winning by late stoppage or by decision.

Ray Mancini, former junior welterweight champion and fellow Ohio-native

Shawn Porter to beat Adrien Broner: I like both fighters. I’ve met both guys. I like Shawn Porter in this fight. I think both guys have fought good guys. I think Porter punches harder than [Marcos] Maidana, so if Porter taps that chin of Broner, I think he’s going to rattle him. Now we don’t know how great a shot Porter takes because nobody has really tested him yet. I like Shawn Porter a lot. I think Broner’s game is too wide open; it’s more of a flash than substance. I think Porter will beat him. It’s interesting because it is the battle of Ohio. You have two guys who can fight; they both have a lot of ability and they’re going to come and put on a good show. It’ll make a star out of one of them.

I don’t know how it will happen; it’ll be a very good fight. I think both guys are going to tap the other guy’s chin and I think, when that happens, we’re going to find out what both guys are made of. From seeing previous fights, Porter is more sound and I think his chin is a little bit better. Broner is a pretty good puncher himself. Broner uses that Floyd Mayweather style and he’s been doing it for a long time and, for me, that style is made for a guy like Porter who throws a lot of right hands. We know what happened when Maidana landed and I think Porter is a better puncher than Maidana and, for those reasons, I’m picking Porter.


Al Mitchell, former trainer of Vernon Forrest and David Reid

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: I know them both well. It’s gonna be a very good fight; it could be a close fight. Shawn Porter is not gonna stay on the outside; he’ll take it to Broner. Broner can fight inside. He can shift and turn; he’s the better boxer. Porter is the stronger guy, so it could be a very, very good solid technical fight – I think it’s gonna be a war. I think Porter’s gonna take it to him and back him up and it’s going to go down to the last few rounds who wins the fight. I think Broner’s got enough to outbox him a little bit.

Diego Morilla, XNSports.com, RingTV, HBO.com

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: Broner appears to be failing to reach the heights he had promised (and we expected) but he has more than enough power and ring IQ to expose Porter’s shortcomings (namely, his lack of power, low accuracy and poor choices in terms of combinations and general ring strategy). It could be an entertaining fight earlier on but, sooner or later, Broner will begin to dictate the pace of the bout and it will end up being a monologue by “The Problem” towards the end for a relatively easy decision win.

Martin Mulcahey, UCNlive.com

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: A tough call for me since I rate Shawn Porter a bit higher than most and, of course, like many, I need to suppress feelings about Adrien Broner’s personality that would lead me to pick against him on emotions. The bottom line is Broner has executed and delivered at a higher level than Porter, who, in his defining fight, underperformed against Kell Brook. At this level, mindset is important and, despite Porter being the naturally larger man, he does not hold significant height or reach advantages. Broner will play the angels and control the distance to win a decision, mostly on the strength of his accuracy over Porter’s activity.

Harry Pratt, RingTV.com

Adrien Broner UD 12 Shawn Porter: The Problem appears to have recovered some of his previous poise in the ring – at junior welterweight. But this is a catchweight, 144-pound contest versus an authentic welterweight in Shawn Porter. However, the progress in his recent three-fight winning streak suggests Broner may have learnt a few lessons after his battering by Marcos Maidana, which is why I expect him to stay out of trouble and pick and hit his way to a close points decision.

John J. Raspanti, Maxboxing.com/Doghouseboxing.com/Ringside Boxing Show

Shawn Porter PTS 12 Adrien Broner: “Showtime” Shawn Porter and Adrien “The Problem” Broner have quite a few things in common. They’re both former champions who were born in Ohio. They both have talent. Their records show one loss each.

But there’s one thing I think that separates Porter from Broner: Dedication. Porter is always in the gym, while Broner likes to party.

I see a competitive fight with Porter doing more in the later rounds to win by decision.


Julian Rodriguez, junior welterweight prospect

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: I’m here in Las Vegas. If Adrien lets Shawn Porter control the pace, Shawn Porter will win. He comes to fight. That’s the way anyone would have to fight Adrien Broner because he quickly gains so much confidence in there and he’s very flashy and slick. You have to put the pressure on and use the jab and stay on top of him. If Shawn Porter does that, it’ll be an easy night for him and a hard fight for Adrien. Porter is very physically strong; I’m not sure about his punching power.

As far as Adrien Broner, he has to use his footwork and keep turning and using the jab. I’m sure he knows what do to and the game plan but it’s hard to actually do. It’s tough because it really depends on who follows the game plan. Honestly, I see Adrien Broner taking the decision.


Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: The catchweight in a fight between two former welterweight titlists is one of the worst of the recent rash. It’s also going to work. Porter won’t have the legs or energy to sustain in what should be a long fight. Broner takes over in the second half.


Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Shawn Porter UD 12 Adrien Broner: This is a tough one. I think this is essentially a 50/50 fight. Broner is more skillful and athletic; Porter relies on a high-volume, swarming offense that is effective. I’m going to go with my gut feeling. I think Broner will have his moments but fall victim to Porter’s relentless aggression. Porter UD.


Abel Sanchez, trainer of Gennady Golovkin

Shawn Porter UD 12 Adrien Broner: I think Porter has a better than 50/50 chance of winning. I think Porter’s the bigger guy; I think Porter will impose his will like he did with [Paulie] Malignaggi. Porter always fought at 160-165 pounds as an amateur; he was at a middleweight. He’s the bigger guy coming down. I don’t think the catchweight will effect him as much as people think it will; it’s only three pounds to what he’s accustomed to fighting at. I think they’ve had plenty of time to prepare. I think Porter’s the stronger, fresher guy. I think he wins on points relatively easy. I think he’ll be too strong for Broner.

I was surprised about this fight on Broner’s part. Porter needed this kind of fight to get him back in the mix. I think Broner’s mouth has kept him in the mix. I think Porter is a quieter guy who needed a jolt to revive his career after losing to Kell. I think it’s a good fight for Porter.


Dominic Wade, middleweight contender

Adrien Broner PTS 12 Shawn Porter: I think it’ll be a pretty good fight. I’ve got a big history with Adrien Broner, so of course I’m gonna stick with Adrien. He’s been my friend; we’ve been in camps together back when we were in the Junior Olympics and training camps. We did all the trips together. I think he’ll win by decision.


Final tally: 13-8, in favor of Adrien Broner to win Saturday’s 144-pound catchweight showdown with Shawn Porter.


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