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Frankie Gomez’s promise questioned again after failure to make weight

Frankie Gomez was hoping a new lease on his pro career would have been a win over an experienced foe such as Humberto Soto. Unfortunately for him, Soto, and boxing fans, that fight will not be taking place.
The Soto-Gomez fight was cancelled after Gomez weighed in 147.5 pounds, six and a half pounds more than the contracted weight, Golden Boy Promotions matchmaker Eric Gomez told after Friday’s weigh-in.
Frankie Gomez reportedly told Golden Boy representatives earlier in the week that he was not going to be able to make the contracted limit of 141 pounds. A meeting took place the night before the weigh-in to discuss what agreement could be reached between handlers of Gomez, Soto, along with Golden Boy Promotions.
“We started having meetings last night (Thursday),” Gomez told RingTV after the weigh-in. Gomez is the Vice President and matchmaker for Golden Boy Promotions. “We told them (Soto’s handlers) that he (Frankie Gomez) was heavy. We told them he was not going to be anywhere near the (contracted) weight. If they were willing to go forward, we started discussing some of the details in order to make the fight happen. Soto’s a warrior. He still wanted to fight him, but under certain parameters.”
After Gomez weighed 147.5 pounds, he was given the ultimatum of dropping two and a half pounds or the fight would be postponed. Rather than attempt to lose the weight, Golden Boy and HBO decided to pull the plug on the fight.
Eric Gomez did confirm Frankie Gomez took some time off from the gym because he came down with the flu a few weeks ago. Still, he displayed his displeasure with the events that transpired over the last couple of days.
“This happens where a fighter comes in a pound or so heavy, but not seven, eight pounds. When this happens, it’s very hard to do something. We don’t want to put anyone in jeopardy. Something bad happens with Frankie (Gomez). It’s too risky to be in that position. If something happens to Soto. Frankie could come in tomorrow and he’s at 160 (pounds). We pulled the plug.”
“It’s a big disappointment because we have at least 20 other fighters that would’ve killed to be in that spot. I feel bad for (Humberto) Soto because he worked very, very hard. He was responsible and he made weight. He followed the contract. He did everything. It’s a bad position to be in, but someone has to be a grown-up and do the right thing. Do you reward someone for not doing their job?”
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