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Still need a room in Vegas? Prices are plunging

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If you waited until the very last minute to come to Las Vegas for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s much-ballyhooed showdown with Manny Pacquiao, you might be in luck. As of 12:30pm ET, prices for hotels and tickets to the fight have plummeted to something a little bit more reasonable.

What happened?

When it came to hotels, after the initial markup when the May 2 fight was announced that saw rooms reach astronomical rates due to the enormous demand, customers who either couldn’t score a ticket or were unable to attend for a number of reasons canceled within the 24-hour window that most hotels offer. This led to a high number of rooms being released on Friday and casinos frantically looking to fill those vacancies.

For example, The Excalibur Hotel & Casino – which is on the opposite corner of the MGM Grand – started out at $349 back when the fight was announced in February. Rooms there have come down to $279, which is still relatively high considering that very room next weekend is going for $119. However, there have been reports that rooms at the site of the fight, the MGM Grand, have been booked for under $200.

For those curious about ticket sales, there are still over 750 tickets still available on StubHub priced from $2,813.25 to $118,556.25. That is a drastic drop in price from the past week when tickets originally hit the market.

Back on April 28 there were roughly 900 listings with the cheapest price being $4000. On April 30, a report sent to RingTV showed the cheapest ticket available being priced at $3,398 with a ringside floor seat listed for $351,005. On Friday, there were 546 listings with the highest being sold for $234,005 and the lowest being $2813.

With 750 tickets still listed on the website as of 11 a.m. PT, it will be interesting to see if the price will drop even further given that we are less than 12 hours away from the main event.