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Garcia-Peterson: What happened?

Photo by Elsa / Getty Images

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It’s familiar terrain for us by now, we Twitter-bugs, continuing the debate deep into the night and beyond after judges render a decision in a high-profile prize-fight.
Judges being what they are – blind and/or biased, if you believe what is said on the timelines of the passionate boxing-heads – or the situation being what it is because the topic is so subjective, these debates can last for days after.

So it goes with the Danny Garcia-Lamont Peterson scrap, which unfolded in Brooklyn and on NBC, on Saturday night.

Garcia, the 27-year-old Philly fighter, got the “W,” with two of three judges liking his activity and aggression more so than Peterson’s effort and game-plan.

Oh, but didn’t you see Danny’s face as a result, King Pete converts said afterward.

And what about that video making the rounds? Certainly sounds like Garcia is admitting to the DC fighter that he lostÔǪor does it? Man, I couldn’t clearly make it out.

So I actually reached out to Team Peterson, seeking to ask the 31-year-old DC native if indeed Danny had confessed that he thought the two judges had it wrong. Spokesman Andre Johnson told me Peterson was resting and would be in a chattier mood in a couple days. But Johnson said, he asked Peterson if Garcia told him he was the rightful winner.

“He doesn’t remember [that being said],” Johnson told me. “His mind wasn’t there.”

That debated-about whisper came after the decision, which saw one tied score and two for Garcia, the 140-pound champ who’d had a hard time getting a bead on the elusive Peterson in a 143-pound max catchweight clash. “I know I walked with Lamont to the locker room and he told me he could have fought 20 rounds. He boxed perfectly,” Johnson said and shared that Team Peterson is all good after the fact with their game plan. So no, they don’t fall in with the Twitter-sphere critiques, which point out that Peterson could have – maybe should have turned it on earlier – gotten into an offensive mindset rounds earlier. “If he’d deviated, who knows what might have happened?” he said.

Point takenmaybe Peterson was able to have luck later only because Garcia had expended so much energy chasing that slippery eel.

Johnson, like many commenters on social media, applied the vision test, asking me how I thought Garcia’s face got marked up.

As for Garcia, I texted his dad, Angel, to ask what the deal was on the supposed admission but didn’t hear back as yet.

Peterson is absolutely open to a rematch, though it sounds like it would have to take place at welterweight, judging by how he was talking afterward. Making 140 is a bridge too far, it seems.

“Anyway, sometimes you win for losing,” Johnson said in summation.


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Garcia-Peterson: What happen