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New Faces: Frank Galarza


Frank Galarza v Romon BarberFRANK GALARZA

Vital Statistics

Age: 29

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Weight class: Junior middleweight (154 pounds)

Height: 5-foot-10 (178 cm)

Amateur record: 8-3

Turned pro: 2010

Pro record: 16-0-2, 10 knockouts

Trainers: Nirmal Lorick, Rafael Vazquez

Manager: A.J. Galante

Promoters: Lou DiBella, Felipe Gomez

Twitter: @Notorious_FG

Best night of pro career: The undefeated Galarza has amassed a number of highlight-reel worthy knockouts, including his first appearance on the Showtime boxing series “ShoBox,” when he scored a brutal knockout over previously undefeated John Thompson in the second round last year. When asked about his most memorable night, however, Galarza chose a fight earlier on in his career, when he fought Alantez Fox and the bout was ruled a draw.

“That wasn’t my best performance but I got to show people I have heart and I am in this for the long run,” Galarza told “The guy was 6-foot-5 and had over 200 amateur fights and we were both 7-0 going into this fight.

“Overall it was a lot fun and a great fight for the fans. He had the experience and I had the heart. It was my will against his skill.”

Galarza agreed with the draw because he felt neither of them should have lost that night. He also credits that fight with giving him the experience he needed to move on to bigger and challenging fights.

“I grew so much as fighter. I learned how to cut off the ring and how to fight on the inside,” Galarza added. “I also learned how to take away someone’s jab, and most importantly that fight built my confidence level up.”

Worst night of pro career: While the draw with Fox was his best night, Galarza recalls the draw he had against Jason Thompson 3 fights later as his worst night.

“I was going through a lot of changes with my team during training and I was going back and forth from Connecticut all the time. I should have won that fight, but we didn’t do the proper training.”

Galarza believes that experience motivated him to never look past any opponent ever again.

“Jason was an opponent to beat and he was training to his maximum effort and I was not. I will never make that mistake again.”

Photo by Nick Laham/GBP-Getty Images

Photo by Nick Laham/GBP-Getty Images

Next fight: Galarza will make his third appearance on “ShoBox” tonight in his hometown of Brooklyn against Sheldon Moore (13-2-1, 9 KOs), from Belgium.

Galarza’s bout was supposed to kick off the telecast, and then in a sudden move he was informed that his fight will actually be the main event.

“I got the call that they moved me to the main event and I said that’s cool,” Galarza said with a big smile. “I was going to be the main event anyway because I was going to steal the show.”

On his two previous appearances on “ShoBox,” Galarza showed he can punch with power and he can box. This time Galarza promises to show the audience something different.

“I had an intense camp for this fight. I can’t wait to show how much I have grown since the last time I was on Showtime.”

Why he’s a prospect: Galarza is one of the most exciting fighters to watch because of his punching power and aggressive style.

He ended his most recent fight with a powerful right hook in the opening round which just crushed his opponent and energized the entire crowd.

Galarza admits he isn’t much of a fan of boxing these days and will only watch a fight to support one of his friends.

“I like the old-school boxing where people fought with passion and the best fought the best. Some guys today just take easy fights to get wins. Most of the old champions, the great ones had losses.”

This is why Galarza challenges himself to step up his competition for each new fight.

“I fight guys with winning records, undefeated guys. Some people may overlook me but I don’t suggest they do that because I am going to shock a lot of people very soon.”

Galarza’s promoter, Lou DiBella, is eagerly waiting to see the opportunities that will open up depending on the outcome of Friday’s fight.

“He’s close to graduating from ‘ShoBox.’ This is the main event and he needs to look good,” DiBella said. “If Frank wins, the first thing I’m going to do is call Gordon Hall and Stephen Espinoza from Showtime and give them the first shot because Showtime has been good to Frank.”

Photo by Elsa/GBP-Getty Images

Photo by Elsa/GBP-Getty Images

Why he’s a suspect: “I’m a work in progress,” Galarza said. “I am literally learning on the job.”

Galarza only had 11 amateur fights and feels that it can sometimes place him at a disadvantage against fighters who are younger than him and have had hundreds of fights and years of experience.

He relies on his team to help make the best decisions to move his career forward.

“You have these guys getting big fights and they are with Al Haymon and basically boxing run by Haymon now,” Galarza says. “So if I don’t jump on the bandwagon then my career may go down, but I like my team and I’m loyal to my team. Maybe I can be an opponent for one of his guys and upset them, but if none of them want to fight me then it will force me to make a tough decision because I can’t afford to sit around and wait. I’m 29 going on 30.”

Storylines: Galarza has a story fitting a Hollywood movie, which is why veteran NBC sports reporter Bruce Beck labeled him “The Brooklyn Rocky.”

Galarza was only 7 years old when his father died of complications stemming from a gunshot wound and then two years later Galarza’s mother died as a result of a drug overdose. Raised by his aunt and uncle in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, Galarza often got in trouble at school for fighting.

“I was tired of life,” Galarza said. “I did some things I shouldn’t of and got locked up a few times.”

Frank Galarza v Guillermo Ibarra

Photo by Elsa/GBP-Getty Images

Galarza tried boxing but didn’t really see it as a way out at first so he went back into the street and ended up getting in trouble with the law again. While in jail and waiting for his release paperwork to be processed, Galarza met an inmate who predicted a different kind of life for him.

“This guy told me I will be loved and have a large following around who will love me. Then he told me if I stay in the streets I will die and that’s a guarantee. Two days later I’m released from jail and I’m back in the streets and I get robbed at gunpoint.”

Galarza quickly went back to boxing, dedicated himself and at the age of 24 won the New York City Golden Gloves.

At one of his professional fights that inmate’s words continued to ring true as a very large crowd packed a theater just to watch Galarza put on a show.

“I remember the announcer asked my trainer for my nickname and he said Frank doesn’t have one yet so the announcer said look at all these people who came out. Frank is Brooklyn so he must be Notorious.”

Galarza then flashed a wide smile and said “and now we’re on Showtime!”


Fight-by-fight record


Sept. 1 – Nicholas Morris – TKO 1

Dec. 16 – Felix Rangel – UD 4


Apr. 2 – Noel Garcia – UD 4

Oct. 21 – Danny Lugo – UD 4


March 30 – Jorge Burgos – TKO 2

Apr. 21 – Jose Ramon Sanchez – TKO 2

June 8 – Yolexcy Leiva – TKO 1

Sept. 22 – Alantez Fox – D 8

Dec. 8 – Roberto Lopez – UD 6


March 9 – Guillermo Ibarra – TKO 2

May 4 – Jason Thompson – D 6

June 22 – Romon Barber – TKO 4

Sept. 21 – Rich Neves – TKO 4


Jan. 17 – John Thompson – KO 2

Apr. 5 – Franklin Gonzalez – KO 2

May 16 – Sebastian Bouchard – UD 8

Sept 20 – Jonathan Batista – W DQ 5


Feb. 20 – Raul Munoz – TKO 1