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Fight Picks: Who wins Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson?

Photo edit courtesy of Crown Boxing

Photo edit courtesy of Crown Boxing


The long waited Danny Garcia-Lamont Peterson fight takes place Saturday at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, on NBC at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT.

Garcia (29-0, 17 knockouts) holds the RING, WBC and WBA 140-pound titles, while Peterson (33-2-1, 17 KOs) holds the IBF crown. However, none of those titles are on the line; the fight has been made at catchweight of 143 pounds.

The contest pits two well-matched boxers; Garcia is perceived as holding the advantage in power. Peterson is known for his work ethic and in-fighting skills, though he’ll will have to be careful to not run into one of Garcia’s heavy counters.

The recently turned 27-year old Garcia was a solid amateur who turned pro in the fall of 2007. He won his first 22 fights before he stepped up and outpointed aging legend Erik Morales in early 2012 for the vacant WBC strap. He followed up by unifying with then-WBA titlist Amir Khan, stopping the Englishman in the fourth round. Wins over Morales in a rematch and Zab Judah followed before the Philadelphia native impressively outpointed Argentinean wrecking machine Lucas Matthysse. Since that win, Garcia has looked unimpressive against Mauricio Herrera and most recently blitzed overmatched Rod Salka in a much-maligned fight that amounted to nothing more than a walk-out bout.

Peterson is four years older at 31. He also enjoyed a good amateur career, turning pro in Sept. 2004. He got his first title shot in late 2009, losing a spirited decision to Tim Bradley. Two wins and a draw followed, setting him up for a fight with Khan. Peterson fought well and won the WBA and IBF belts by close split decision. Afterward, the fight was shrouded with mystery due to an incident with the scorecards. The two were scheduled to meet in a rematch before Peterson failed a random drug test, testing positive for synthetic testosterone. The WBA stripped Peterson, while the IBF kept him as its champion. After 14 months, the Washington DC-born fighter returned and stopped former titlist Kendall Holt. In May of 2013, Peterson was easily dispatched by Matthysse in three rounds but has since returned with two victories to set up a fight with Garcia.

While the majority of us are grateful that the two are finally meeting, former WBA lightweight titleholder Ray Mancini had strong words about the fight taking place at a catchweight.

“They say it’s for the junior welterweight championship, thought they made it at 143. It’s not junior welterweight; it’s welterweight. Today’s market, it’s the inmates running the asylum. It’s Al Haymon doing what he wants to do.”

Although most perceive the fight to be an even pick, online gambling group bet365 lists Garcia as a steady favourite at 3/10 (-333), while Peterson is nicely priced at 5/2 (+250). asked 19 boxing insiders for their picks:


Kenny Adams, trainer of over 25 world champions

Danny Garcia KO Lamont Peterson: I pick Garcia, definitely. Peterson could give him a lot of trouble if he keeps him on the end of those punches but he doesn’t always do that and I’ve noticed, in the past, those guys are overtrained and they have a lot of people working with them, when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand’s doing. I find them to be overtrained sometimes and if he’s had a long wait like he has this time, that makes his timing not great, easy to get him. I’m picking Garcia all the way, probably a stoppage in the later rounds.

Joel Diaz, Tim Bradley’s trainer

Danny Garcia PTS 12 Lamont Peterson: It’s gonna be a great fight. Lamont Peterson comes to fight; he’s no pushover, Danny Garcia has devastating power in the left hook but he can be outboxed. If Lamont Peterson decides to be smart and keep him on the outside, he can win but if he tries to get in there and bang with Danny, the fight can change. I see a great fight from both sides because they’re elite fighters. They have their talents and abilities. I just think this fight is one of the best fights right now. Lamont Peterson wants to come back; he wants to be in the elite circle and he needs to beat Danny Garcia but he needs to come with a great strategy and a smart one. I think Danny Garcia will win this fight; I think by a decision.


Jeffrey Freeman, www.KODigest.TV

Danny Garcia SD12 Lamont Peterson: If you listen to WBC and WBA junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia’s media rap, it’s time to “Let it go” and accept this 143-pound catchweight fight for what it is: a non-title affair that could be, should be, so much more. As it stands, Garcia is facing IBF titlist Lamont Peterson because, according to “Swift” himself, it’s a match-up boxing fans want to see. Well, yes and no. Fans want divisional “unification” but this pairing offers none of that despite featuring two of the best 140-pounders in the world who also just happen to hold the three major title belts between them.

Garcia versus Peterson matters as a junior welterweight title bout but lacks significance the way it’s presently being packaged and promoted. An action-packed fight on network TV could help people forget what’s missing from this one. That said, I suspect Garcia will struggle again but come out on the winning side of another controversial decision. Garcia is looking ahead to big money at welterweight. Peterson is the loser and still champion-again.


Norm Frauenheim, The Ring magazine/

Danny Garcia UD 12 Lamont Peterson: So who is Garcia? The accomplished, versatile guy we saw in 2012 and 2013? Or that guy who got a gift against Mauricio Herrera and notched a forgettable stoppage against Rod Salka in 2014? Enduring star or shooting star?

He has much to prove. That burden figures to motivate the 27-year-old in a tricky fight against the clever Lamont Peterson, who finds ways to win but might not have enough options if Garcia re-discovers an old urgency and his former self.


Tom Gray,

Danny Garcia TKO8 Lamont Peterson: While I think that Peterson may have the better skill set and variety to his game, he doesn’t possess Garcia’s dexterity or ambition at this stage of his career.

I can see Peterson getting off to a great start but Garcia can really turn over his punches when he plants his feet. I envisage a sudden and dramatic turnaround before the late rounds commence.

Lee Groves,

Danny Garcia PTS 12 Lamont Peterson: Had the fight been staged at the championship limit, I think this would have been an even better match because Garcia getting down to 140 had been a struggle. But since the weight limit is 143, Garcia will be the far stronger man by the time they get inside the ring while the added weight will diminish Peterson’s already below-average, shot-for-shot power. The styles should mesh well but Garcia’s strength and power will prove pivotal.


David Greisman,

Danny Garcia TKO Lamont Peterson: It wasn’t long after Garcia’s big win over Lucas Matthysse that he was humanized in a struggle with Mauricio Herrera. While that suggests Peterson’s pressure and diverse arsenal could give Garcia trouble, I believe Garcia’s hand speed and power will end up catching Peterson, who’ll get up from the first knockdown or two but will break down as the fight goes on.


Andreas Hale,

Danny Garcia UD 12 Lamont Peterson: I’m still not 100% sold on Danny Garcia. However, I do think that he has a lot to prove on April 11th against Lamont Peterson after a 2014 campaign that was completely underwhelming. Peterson is a live dog but lacks the footwork and speed to offset Garcia’s advances. It will be interesting to see how Peterson holds up to Garcia’s punching power. If Garcia manages to hurt Peterson in the first half of the fight, it’s going to be a long night as Garcia is great at taking advantage of a fighter whose ego has been fractured.


John David Jackson, trainer of junior welterweight Chris Algieri

Lamont Peterson PTS 12 Danny Garcia: That’s a very good match-up. I think people might underestimate Peterson’s ability. He’s a very durable fighter. I think Peterson is the better boxer but he can’t let Garcia dictate the pace and dictate the outcome of the fight. He has to impose his will and skill in order to be successful in winning that fight. Neither fighter has been overly active of late. It’s kind of a toss-up; the better boxer is Peterson, maybe the more physical, stronger fighter is Garcia. They both have advantages, depends who is mentally sound that night. It’s a toss-up fight. I’m going to go out on a limb. I’m going to go with Peterson. I see a points victory. I don’t see a stoppage, two very good, strong fighters who have proven their chins are very good.


Ray Mancini, former WBA lightweight titlist

Lamont Peterson PTS 12 Danny Garcia: I like Lamont Peterson. He’s steady, consistent, nothing special. Danny Garcia, on the other hand, has more ability but he also has more weaknesses and lapses, so if Lamont Peterson can make it a consistent, steady fight, I think he beats him but if he lets Danny Garcia dictate the fight, he’ll lose.


Diego M. Morilla,, RingTV,

Danny Garcia PTS 12 Lamont Peterson: If there’s something Danny Garcia knows, it’s how to win consistently against any style of opponent. And Peterson will not be much of a puzzle for the deceptively crafty Garcia to figure out. There will be some interesting exchanges but I expect Garcia to progressively dominate Peterson en route to a clear-cut, 12-round decision win.


Martin Mulcahey,

Danny Garcia UD 12 Lamont Peterson: It has been a while since two elite-level East Coast champions squared off against each other and while Lamont Peterson got the early career hype, it is Danny Garcia who has gotten the most out of his abilities. I see Garcia as a little faster, a little crisper punching and a little more mentally confident. In boxing, a little means a lot. Peterson is the bigger man in this match-up but Garcia has made a habit of beating larger or more powerful foes to the punch. That skill causes foes to hesitate and once that happens, Garcia lands combinations the judges love. Peterson may lose two or three of the first five rounds but after that, I see it as all Garcia, who wins a comfortable decision in the end.


Viktor Postol, junior welterweight contender

Lamont Peterson PTS Danny Garcia: I think Peterson will outbox Garcia if he doesn’t get caught with a good punch.


John J. Raspanti, Monthly Magazine

Danny Garcia TKO 11 Lamont Peterson: I believe Danny Garcia will have too much game for Lamont Peterson on April 11. Garcia has advantages in will and punching power. His chin is very resilient. I see the fight being close for a few rounds. Eventually, Garcia will begin to break Peterson down. He’ll win by late stoppage.


Matt Richardson,

Danny Garcia KO 10 Lamont Peterson: I like Danny Garcia to look impressive against Lamont Peterson. Garcia has understandably been pushed out of the discussion of top talents after his dismal showing against Mauricio Herrera last year, so I expect him to make a statement against Peterson. Peterson, to be honest, got blown out so badly by Lucas Matthysse in 2013 that I don’t think he’ll ever be the same. Whatever’s left of Peterson should be enough to make it entertaining for a few rounds. Eventually, however, Garcia will gain a rhythm, start connecting and hurting Peterson and the end won’t be too far behind. Garcia in 10.


Cliff Rold,

Danny Garcia PTS 12 Lamont Peterson: Garcia has the more reliable chin and the more varied offense. That doesn’t mean Peterson won’t press him into tight spots along the way.


Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Danny Garcia KO 9 Lamont Peterson: This is as close to a 50/50 fight as one can get. Peterson probably is technically superior to Garcia but the RING champ has more power and finds ways to win fights. And I think Garcia will do it again. I think he’ll hurt Peterson at some point and end the fight with a barrage of hard blows. Garcia KO 9.


Jessie Vargas, junior welterweight

I think it’s an even match-up. I think it could be a late knockout with either fighter. You really can’t go with anyone because they both have strengths and they both like to fight. It’s going to be a good fight. Peterson might surprise Garcia. I wouldn’t put my money on him but Peterson may surprise him.


Dominic Verdin,

Danny Garcia PTS Lamont Peterson: This fight should determine who’s the best man at 140 pounds. However, this bout will be contested a few pounds over the junior welterweight division and because of that, we will be denied who is the man in their respected weight class.

Garcia,The Ring magazine champ at 140, has more to lose in his non-title battle with Peterson. Garcia’s title isn’t on the line but his reputation as the next superstar soon to invade the welterweight class may well be in jeopardy.

Peterson, has proven to be one of the best boxers in the last few years. Peterson may have lost some of his bigger fights but continues to display his skills, heart and determination.

In short, Peterson will show all of his tools and immense talents within the squared ring against the stronger and much more powerful Garcia. Will it be enough? As the aforementioned “Big Fights” with Peterson, this is yet another big fight that Peterson will just come up short in losing a spirited decision to the reigning champ Garcia.

Final tally: 15-3, with one undecided, in favor of Danny Garcia to win Saturday’s 143-pound catchweight showdown with Lamont Peterson.


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