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‘Mr. NBC’ Adrien Broner says ‘entertainment is everything’ vs. John Molina

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Adrien Broner (R) tags Carlos Molina with a straight right on May 2, 2014, in a fight which Broner won by unanimous decision. Photo by Ed Mulholland/Golden Boy Promotions-Getty Images.

Adrien Broner (R) tags Carlos Molina with a straight right on May 2, 2014; Broner won the fight by unanimous decision. Photo by Ed Mulholland/Golden Boy Promotions-Getty Images.


No matter how you feel about Adrien “The Problem” Broner, he has become must-watch TV every time he steps into the ring. Whether it be because of his in-ring prowess or controversial antics, he knows that you’ll be watching him.

And for those who haven’t had a chance to see Broner showcase his skills in the ring, they will get their chance on March 7 when he is featured in the co-main event of the inaugural edition of “Premier Boxing Champions” on NBC against John Molina. Considering the styles of the two 140-pound fighters, there is an expectation for fireworks. And considering that Broner’s last two fights, against Carlos Molina and Emmanuel Taylor, weren’t exactly barnburners, he expects to put on a show with the rough and rugged Molina.

“Entertainment is everything,” a weary Broner says over the phone. He’s getting ready to close camp and is exhausted from the media obligations. But he’s smart enough to be aware of how important speaking to the media is. If Broner ever wants to be as remotely successful as his self-proclaimed “big brother,” Floyd Mayweather Jr., he’s got to muster up the energy to be entertaining at all times. “I’m definitely not just a professional boxer, I’m a professional entertainer as well and I’m always here to put on a show.”

The show is what draws people to Broner. You can rest assured that there’s always going to be something that Broner does to entertain and you can be equally certain that the 25-year-old will find a way to offend. His antics have caused many fight fans to call for his head and they took great pleasure in watching Broner get dismantled by Marcos Maidana in his second welterweight fight back in December 2013. But with a renewed interest in hunting down the junior welterweight titles, Broner says he is more focused than ever on his craft. It sounds almost believable when he states that his March 7 fight will find him focused squarely on his opponent.

“It means a lot to fight on NBC,” Broner explains. “I can get some new fans and hopefully I can get more people to like me than dislike me.”

Normally, Broner could care less about whether fans like him or not. Obviously, his interest in winning them over could all change in 24 hours but Broner assures that he’ll give fight fans something good to talk about after he leaves Molina laying flat on the canvas.

“I’m not expecting the fight to go 12 rounds but if it does I will be prepared for it,” Broner says. “But hopefully I get this fight over with fast because in this game you don’t get paid for overtime.”

The Cincinnati fighter is completely disinterested in discussing the back and forth he’s had with Molina on social media. As a matter of fact, anything that goes on outside of the ring is not up for discussion. He’s quick to credit Molina (27-5 22 knockouts) for his success in the ring and advises casual fans to not put too much stock in Molina’s five losses. “You can never judge a guy by his record,” says Broner (29-1, 22 KOs). “A guy can be 0-12 but all 12 losses can be by top-level fighters but just handle your business and you’ll be OK.”

Handling business is what’s on the menu for the fighter who often refers to himself as “About Billions.” And if he plays his cards right he’ll have a productive 2015 that will see him become, as he has already anointed himself, Mr. NBC.

“I am Mr. NBC and I’ll be on NBC all this year,” he says. “Four times you will see me in the ring on NBC and I’ll fight anybody who is willing to grab that rope and hang themselves.”