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Dougie’s Friday mailbag


Chris Algieri v Manny Pacquiao Weigh In


I am not surprised by Floyd Mayweather’s response to people’s criticisms for not having the fight with Manny Pacquiao finalized by posting the video at Pacquiao’s hotel room with Mayweather saying, “ÔǪwe have to make this fight happen…”.

Mayweather’s way of thinking is if you have it on video and pictures then it really happened, so by posting this video he thinks if the fight doesn’t happen the blame falls on Pacquaio and his people. As you might recall Rachel Nichols’ interview with Mayweather on domestic abuse, Mayweather kept implying that his abuse to his partner never happened because there are no pictures or videos of him hitting his partner.

And I wish Bob Arum would stop jumping the gun with his remarks and interviews because I think he is doing more harm to the ongoing negotiations, and if this fight falls apart Pacquiao could and would also be blamed for the fight not happening due to Arum’s inconsistencies…

I am wondering if one of the points stalling the fight contract from being completed is relating to Mayweather’s use of xylocaine. From my understanding this is one of the main reasons he rarely leaves Las Vegas to fight.

Mythical Match Ups:
Bernard Hopkins vs Carlos Monzon at middleweight
Oscar De La Hoya vs Thomas Hearns at junior middleweight
Jake LaMotta vs Marvin Hagler at middleweight
Archie Moore vs Evander Holyfield at light heavyweight or heavyweight
and Henry Armstrong vs Willie Pep at featherweight

— RYazzie

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and mythical matchups. Well, according to very strong industry buzz #TheNeverendingStory was supposed to end with Mayweather’s announcement yesterdayÔǪ but here we are.

If I’m to believe all the boxing insiders and wise guys (and gals), the negotiations are done. There’s no blame game to play this time because the fight has been agreed to and signed on all sides.

So why hasn’t it been announced yet? #BlameBoxing. The industry has enabled his madness for years. We helped create this monster man child. And now we have to play along with his silly games.

Regarding Arum’s comments on the negotiations, I don’t think anyone’s paying attention to Bob on this subject anymore.

Regarding Mayweather fighting in Las Vegas because of Xylocaine use, yeah that might have something to do with it (if he still uses the drug to numb his hands), but the main reason is that’s his hometown (where he’s lived and trained since before he turned pro). He’s comfortable there. Most fighters would fight at home if they could. He can. So he does.

Your mythical matchups:
Bernard Hopkins vs Carlos Monzon at middleweight – Monzon by close decision
Oscar De La Hoya vs Thomas Hearns at junior middleweight – The Htiman by mid-to-late stoppage
Jake LaMotta vs Marvin Hagler at middleweight – LaMotta by close decision
Archie Moore vs Evander Holyfield at light heavyweight or heavyweight – Moore by knockout at light heavyweight; Holyfield by decision at heavyweight
Henry Armstrong vs Willie Pep at featherweight – Pep by close decision



Hey Doug,

Hope you’re doing well and looking forward to the Gennady Golovkin-Martin Murray fight this weekend. I actually have a question for you on the upcoming bout between John Molina and Adrien Broner.

I don’t hold “The Problem” in high regard. He had success against smaller, less talented fighters but has struggled since moving up in weight. On paper, I think Molina’s pressure and power hurts Broner and makes for an incredibly close fight. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see the underdog prevail.

But, then I look at his war with Lucas Matthysse and his subsequent loss to Humberto Soto and I wonder if Molina is the same guy. Do you have any insight into why Molina looked so bad against Soto? Is his head and heart still in the game? I’m trying to assess if this will be a competitive fight or if Molina was selected because he’s gun shy now. Thoughts? How do you see that fight turning out? – Vincent, New York, NY

I like Broner by decision or late TKO in a good fight. I won’t be shocked if Molina hurts or drops Broner. However, one of Broner’s underrated qualities is his durability and tough-guy attitude. Marcos Maidana hit him with EVERYTHING, and the Ohio native kept fighting.

I think it’s possible that Molina’s war with Matthysse took something out of him physically, but he looks and sounds good. Mentally, I think Molina is all there. I think he looked bad in the Soto fight because A) he didn’t train with Joe Goossen for that fight, B) the Mexican veteran is a superior boxer/technician, and C) Soto used his experience to frustrate the California puncher and make it an ugly fight.

Broner’s not the sharpest tool in the shed out of the ring, but he’s pretty smart inside it. However, he’s not as crafty as Soto. So, I’m thinking Molina won’t look as bad as he did in his last bout. I think Goossen will have him in great shape and confident. Plus the veteran trainer will be able to give Molina tips between rounds if Broner befuddles him during the fight.

I’m looking forward to Broner-Molina as much as I am Keith Thurman-Robert Guerrero. This should be a fun doubleheader on NBC.




Me and my friends love your mailbag up north here.

Good to see some live fights coming to network TV, about time. Do you think this will help grow the sport as much as it should or is it just more programming for the networks? I’m a huge boxing fan so I will enjoy it while it lasts.

If Pac/Money fight gets made, I think Pacman wins. He’s a southpaw with speed and Money is starting to get hit. Do you think there will be a decent undercard considering what the PPV price will be? Any chance Canelo/Kirkland is on the card? I think it makes sense.

Also, my dream match-ups. Hagler vs. Michael Spinks at a catch weight and Hagler vs. Carlos Monzon. – Bill

Thanks for writing, Bill.

Do I think Al Haymon’s PBC time buys on network TV (NBC and CBS) will help grow the sport as much as it should? Well, I don’t think it will hurt the sport’s popularity. The way Haymon is going about all this might hurt the sport in other ways, but it’s always good to have quality boxing on a platform that reaches more potential fans than basic and subscription cable. But I have no idea if the PBC league is going to lift boxing into some kind of “Golden Age.” If I could tell the future I’d play the stock market and be a degenerate gambler. But I’m not clairvoyant. I’m just a huge boxing fan like you. So I will also enjoy watching boxing on network TV while it lasts.

I can see Pacquiao beating Mayweather. I’ll take the 2014 version of Pacquiao over the 2014 version of Mayweather. However, I don’t think we’ll see the same version of Floyd that fought Maidana show up for Manny if the super-duper bout happens on May 2. Mayweather will be at his absolute best. Then again, so will PacquiaoÔǪ

I’ve heard we’ll get two fights on the PPV undercard. My guess is that both bouts will just be OK.

I don’t think Canelo-Kirkland will be part of the broadcast. The plan is for that bout to go on May 9 in Texas (maybe Houston).

Your mythical matchups:

Hagler vs. Michael Spinks at a catch weight – Spinks by decision

Hagler vs. Carlos Monzon – Monzon by close decision



What’s going on Dougie?

Ready for some much needed dose of Triple G this weekend? I certainly am! I’m downright sick to death of this non-stop Pacquiao-Mayweather hype as well as everyone’s obsession with Al “The Anus” Haymon and his ongoing cold war with Sponge-Bob Square-Ass Arum. Time for some real BOXING! The kind that only Triple G can deliver. But first a few points:

  1. If the G-Man loses this Saturday there will be a lot of G-Fans out there that will be tempting to throw themselves off a skyscraper (myself including). But I’m sure we can rest easy on this. To even so much as win a round against The 3G-Beast you have to crack hard enough to just get his attention. And if Martin Murray can’t even finish off an old, crippled-up version of Maravilla then guess what? He’s Golovkin-chow. I’ll be surprised if he so much as makes it pass the 3rd round.
  1. Sergei Kovalev is The Ring’s Fighter of The Year? Not in my world. Hey Kovalev did us a huge favor by kicking ET’s overrated alien ass but that old bastard was f___in’ 50 years old. By contrast Golovkin demolished Danny Geale, a titlist at the height of his prime. And wasn’t Marco Antonio Rubio a top-ten guy who worked his way to earning a chance to become The 3G-Beast’s next victim. Golovkin should have taken the FOTY honour.

But hey, Kovalev is a beast in his own right and after he wipes out Jean Pascal I’ll like to see him beat on another top 10 guy and right on the same card with Golovkin’s next fight. Imagine Saul Alvarez challenging The 3G-beast on the same card with Krusher finally getting his mitts on Adonis Stevenson? Simply mindboggling.

  1. One huge point I’ll make about boxing altogether. Bigger isn’t always better. It’s not so how big the fighter is but GGG vs. Hulkhow big his punch is and how big is his willingness to take the fight to the other guy. Golovkin’s not a big middleweight but he still punches like the f___in’ Hulk. And look at these bigger guys who are too scared s__tless to fight him. That brings us to this now-heated Joe Frazier vs Mike Tyson debate. Tyson may have been the heavier yet more explosive puncher but Frazier was 10 times the warrior Tyson ever was. Take Frazier’s last stand against Ali in The Thriller In Manila. In that war Frazier took way more punishment that what Tyson endured from Buster Douglas and yet there was Frazier still coming after Ali despite having his eyes punched shut. The guy refused to quit and he made sure that Ali didn’t get off easy either. Seriously, can anyone really picture Frazier laying on the matt and allowing himself to be counted out against Buster Douglas who wasn’t exactly another Ali or Foreman? Or even the next Quarry or Bonavena? No f___in’ way. Again it’s not just how big and scary you are but how much fight you have in ya. And Frazier would have had too much fight for bully-boy Tyson.

OK Doug. I’m done. I’m now pumped and ready for that Triple G dosage. It’s overdue. – Triple T

I’m also ready for a “much needed dose of Triple G,” as you put it. Having to wait around for the biggest prima donna the boxing world has ever known to announce a fight that should have happened in 2010 has me yearning for real fighters in real fights and I think we’ll get a “big drama show,” as Golovkin says tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for sharing your usual strong (and sometimes a little deranged) opinions. I cracked up more than once while reading this email. I’ll respond to your points in order:

1) I heavily favor GGG to beat Murray but I don’t see the British contender as “Golovkin-chow” (good one). I definitely think the two-time title challenger makes it past Round 3. I’m thinking Golovkin gets him out of there around Round 8 or Round 9. Body shots are what will gradually break Murray down.

2) I know Hopkins was almost 50 when Kovalev fought him but B-Hop is an all-time great and The Krusher boxed a perfect fight and did something that nobody’s done since the prime middleweight version of Roy Jones Jr. – he decisively outpointed the Philly master. Kovalev shut out Hopkins. Nobody saw that outcome for the fight. Still, I have no problem with your going with GGG as Fighter of the Year. Not only did he smash two experienced top-10 contenders like they were rank journeymen, he made both fights into popular events – one in NYC, the other in greater L.A. However, my personal choice for 2014 FOTY is 21-year-old Japanese sensation Naoya Inoue. Regarding Krusher and GGG one day sharing a bill, I can see that happening. I can also see Canelo one day fighting Golovkin. I can’t see Stevenson one day fighting Kovalev, though.

3) The backlash from the few vocal Tyson fans in the Disqus comments area under this column didn’t surprise me at all. Most Tyson fans started watching boxing with his rise and I’ve noticed two things about them: they overrate the prime version of Iron Mike, and they basically discount anyone or anything in boxing that preceded their hero. So if I think a so-called “old-timer” like Smokin’ Joe breaks down Tyson, well, I’m just hating. But that’s not the case. I don’t think Frazier would have run Tyson out of the ring. I think it would have been a power-punch shootout for the ages given their prime styles. Both guys were built to seek and destroy. They would meet in the center of the ring and let their bombs fly. I thought about who would thrive and survive that kind of fight, and based on his resume, Frazier was the guy. Tyson was at his best when the other guy was pissing his pants. Apart from his two bouts with George Foreman, Frazier always took it to another level when he was in a dog fight. That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it. Glad you agree with me. You made some great points on my opinion.


Hi Dougie,

LONG time no write. It’s been ten years since I was a young regular emailer/reader from the MaxBoxing days. I was a fit welterweight (and single) back then, now I’m a fat light-heavy with wife, kid and another on the way. Can’t complain too much, life’s been great, though I miss excitement of the ring even though I was only a three-fight amateur. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be responsible to get punched in the head for free at age 38 with two kids.

Just caught your Top 20 all-time greats of “modern times” article, finally, from the Monday mailbag. It’s subjective of course, but I’m shocked that you left off Carlos Monzon and instead had Jimmy Bivins and Carlos Ortiz over him. Don’t get me wrong, those guys are great too (I had to study up a bit about them), but Monzon is, by most accounts, the greatest middleweight of all time with 80+ wins and wins over prime Hall of Famers like Jose Napoles, Nino Benvenuti, Emile Griffith (who you had at 14th). You probably had Monzon at 21, though I would have had him about 14th on your list. ust to piss out Money’s fans – Mayweather would have to beat Pac, Khan, Danny Garcia and Golovkin to make top 20.

I hate talking about it, but like you said, Mayweather/Pacquiao has held boxing fans hostage so we’re kinda stuck (and it gets page clicks/gotta pay the bills right?). It’s going to happen this time. Mayweather is just being a little high school drama bitch who wants to be courted. My friends and I already bought plane tickets to Vegas for that weekend and booked a room. At first I was thinking his non-committal responses hurts the promotion but on further thought, I think it just gets more people to hate him which has worked wonders in the past for his bank account. And it keeps it in the news for the general sports fan, even if it makes boxing as a sport look like a joke.

I’m rooting for Pac to pull off a controversial split decision upset due to volume of punches.

Great to see you still dedicated to covering this sport that we love/hate after all these years. – JL, San Diego

Great to have you still reading the mailbag after all these years. And hey, for what it’s worth, 38 is still young and you can still get into decent physical shape when you’re married with two kids (but yeah, probably a good idea to avoid getting punched in your head).

I think it’s very possible for Pacquiao earn a close, maybe controversial decision based on his aggression and greater activity.

Good point about Mayweather’s “high school drama bitch” tactics. It does keep everyone looking in his direction, and a significant among of fans are doing so with daggers shooting out of their eyes. These folks will do what you did – fly to Vegas for Cinco de Mayo weekend – or order the PPV, and root like honorary Filipinos for Manny.

Regarding my commentary article on the top 20 “modern” ATGs, Monzon is in that group of 40 fighters I included with the ranked 20. I did strongly consider him for the top 20. He’s one of my favorite fighters of the 1970s. I love that he fought 100 times and was never KO’d. His long title reign and title defense record that stood until Hopkins broke it in 2001 worked in his favor, but my No. 1 criteria for ranking the fighters was quality of opposition and as I stated in the article “the more hall-of-fame enshrined opponents – or fighters that most knowledgeable observers believe will one day be in the IBHOF – that a fighter has faced, the higher he was ranked on my list.”

Monzon only faced three fellow hall of famers – Benvenuti (twice), Griffith (twice) and Napoles (twice), as you noted. Griffith and Napoles were both naturally smaller guys and both fought Monzon near the end of their amazing careers. I know Bivins and Angott aren’t nearly as popular as Monzon, but they each fought 10 fellow hall of famers and own victories over all-time greats who were in their primes (Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore and Willie Pep).

I look at Monzon the way I look at George Foreman. They are top five (definitely top 10) ATGs in their divisions. Monzon is an all-time great middleweight (I rate him just behind Robinson). Big George is an all-time great heavyweight.


Just when we start to get optimistic about Haymon’s new league, here’s another one straight from the Rod Salka file. In your professional opinion, is there any way this fight can be at all competitive unless Bika comes to the ring armed with Kid Moe’s “Stinger” from The Simpsons?

Seriously though, he may not show up with a barbed wire glove, but I think the only entertainment value at all to be found in this fight will be to see just how dirty Bika can make it before Stevenson sends him off to Never Never Land. Do you think there’s a chance the WBC won’t sanction the fight like the WBA didn’t for Garcia’s farce against a similarly undersized and outmatched opponent? Do you think this is the kind of matchmaking we can plan to expect from the Al Haymon Showcase League? Would you like to chip in to buy Sergey Kovalev a seat and a plane ticket so he can sit ringside and disdainfully read a newspaper instead of watching Stevenson fight? Best. – Sean

That’s not a bad idea for The Krusher but I’ll leave that sort of PR stuff to his very capable promoter, Kathy Duva of Main Events.

I think we can expect SOME one-sided matchmaking like Stevenson-Bika in the new PBC league. I don’t expect every bout to be as solid as Thurman-Guerreo and Garcia-Peterson. As long as most of the bouts are decent, I’ll just focus on those and ignore the lemons.

I haven’t been excited about Stevenson since he signed with Haymon, so news of the Bika defense didn’t really register with me. Same deal with Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares. I used to pay attention to all three and anticipate their involvement in competitive matchups and big events, but not anymore. I’m bored with them and I will remain bored with them until they fight worthy opponents.

No I don’t expect the WBC to yank their sanction, and no I don’t expect a competitive fight. Bika is shopworn. Simple as that.



I saw a tweet last week that PBC had hired Lem Satterfield. I asked if Lem was still working for THE RING and I got no response from them. So I guess I’ll just ask you: Is Lem gone? Can you go into any reasons why? Did they just offer more money? Is Lem really “playing ball?” He knows that they won’t let him write anything critical, right? I don’t for the life of me understand why any writer worth his salt would compromise his integrity like this.

This is why I love you, Steve Kim and Gabriel Montoya. I just don’t understand this, Doug. I’ve always wanted to be a writer myself but worried that I would not be able to support my family. I have not ever thought I was good enough or educated enough for it. But I’ll tell you thisÔǪ my integrity was never a question. I knew that I would never be able to “play ball” for access. That coupled with my previous concerns is what has always kept me in your mailbag, a great spot nonetheless, lol. I guess we can’t blame Lem in this capitalistic world we live in but I have to wonder what goes through a man’s mind when you compromise your values for money or access.

If he isn’t gone and Anson is writing all the articles because Lem is on vacation, then completely disregard everything I wrote as a self-serving giant joke, lol. – Ritchie

Lem is not on vacation. He’s still grindin’ like he always does, just not for anymore. Our dear buddy has indeed moved on. I don’t know why (contractually, I don’t think Lem can talk about it), but my guess is that PBC/Haymon made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

There’s no hard feelings on our part. We know Lem is just looking out for his family, and we’ll miss him (especially the young bucks like ‘Dancin’ Anson, Francisco Salazar and Ryan Songalia, who looked up to the veteran scribe as a mentor) but we will soldier on and try to fill the gap as best we can.

Is Lem “playing ball”? I think Satterfield is going to do the exact same thing for PBC that he did at (and at and AOL Fanhouse prior to coming to us), which is bust his ass churning out stories and news items on this crazy sport every day and night.

Before you condemn him for “compromising his integrity,” keep this in mind: the exact same thing you suspect of him was suspected of me when I moved from MaxBoxing to THE RING/ A lot of fans and fellow media members said I was selling out to Golden Boy Promotions, which owns the magazine and the brand. They said I’d stop expressing strong opinions and shill for Golden Boy’s stars (including one Floyd Mayweather Jr., LOL!).

But here we are more than six years later and you’re telling me that I’m part of the “Keep-It-Real Crew.” LOL. Hey, give Lem a chance. Let’s see what happens.



Your wife? Your wife??! That looks like your twin sister, you narcissistic, incestuous bastard! Look at you, gazing at yourself in that pic….. – Mike


Me-and-Deesie-mailbagYou know, we used to get that a lot when we were dating (basically EVERY time we visited a bar or lounge – drunk people, like boxing fans, don’t hold back).

This email brought back memories (including some really weird ones). For the record, though, I have a sister and my wife looks nothing like her. Here’s a pic of my little sis (from a few years ago – I hope she doesn’t mind my posting it here.)


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