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Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Manny Pacquiao: ‘#FightNotMadeYet’


Floyd Mayweather Jr. denied reports on Saturday that a deal is done for a May 2 bout against Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, doing so on his Shots account.

“Laying back, relaxing, enjoying good weather, palm trees, and pi├▒a coladas,” wrote Mayweather, using the hash tag #FightNotMadeYet. “While they continue to lie about making the fight … I’m just going to continue to travel and explore the world on my private jet.”

Mayweather’s assertion came in the wake of a courtside discussion between the two fighters on Jan. 27 at the Miami Heat-Milwaukee Bucks game that was followed by an hour-long meeting in Pacquiao’s hotel. Fan optimism soared following the meetings, but reports by a gossip website of the fight being made were denied.

“You’re going to see out there that TMZ is breaking news that Floyd Mayweather has agreed to the fight, but that’s not really breaking news,” said Chris DeBlasio, Showtime’s senior director of communications, in an interview with “Floyd has agreed to wanting this fight for a long time, but there is no deal in place, so there is nothing new about it.”

Mayweather has fought four of six bouts thus far to satisfy a multi-million dollar agreement with Showtime and its parent company, CBS Corporation, while HBO has televised most of Pacquiao’s bouts. The two networks are discussing a joint venture similar to that which produced a fight between Lennox Lewis (HBO) and Mike Tyson (Showtime) in June 2002.

Among the major stalling points is HBO’s insistence on being able to show the rebroadcast of the pay-per-view event, according to a report by Yahoo!Sports. In the case of Lewis-Tyson, HBO showed the replay as a result of being the network representing the winner, Lewis.