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Deontay Wilder: ‘I need to let this beast inside of me out’


Heavyweight Deontay Wilder has stated that WBC titleholder Bermane Stiverne won’t last four rounds against him on Saturday, to which his counterpart has stated he will hurt Wilder “very bad,” among other things.

Both fighters had more to say on Tuesday upon landing in Las Vegas, site of their clash at the MGM Grand.

“I need to let this beast inside of me out. I am so ready for this fight. We are bringing back the heavyweight division. Once I knock this guy out, it will be on to the next guy for me,” said Wilder, 29, who could become America’s first heavyweight titleholder since 2007.

“He will definitely go down. I’m going to hurt him bad. He has never faced someone with my athletic skills. My athleticism alone is going to hurt him. There is no better place to have a fight of this magnitude than in Las Vegas. The fight will be explosive, exciting and I will be bringing this heavyweight belt back to America. When you have so much animosity towards someone, it makes for a great fight. Everything that I’ve said about him and all he has said about me will be settled on Saturday.”

Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 knockouts) appeared to be somewhat more composed than his counterpart.

“I really don’t feel any emotions towards Deontay Wilder. The most important thing is for me to defend my world title. All the trash-talking that he does doesn’t worry me. He doesn’t have anything that I want. I am the champ,” said Stiverne, 36, the sport’s Haitian-born heavyweight titleholder.

“This is fighting. This is boxing. This is for real. I keep my concentration on the fight. We trained like he was the champion. We didn’t talk about his past experience. We trained like he has gone 12 rounds before. I’m here to fight for the people. I fight to inspire people anywhere in the world. That’s my responsibility since I am the world champion.”


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