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Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Manny Pacquiao: Boxing’s an art, not a slugfest


In his latest attack on Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. mocked the Filipino superstar for “slugging” during his sixth-round knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.

The comments on were part of the ongoing exchange that was ignited between the boxers when Mayweather said during a Dec. 12 interview on Showtime that he “would love to fight Manny Pacquiao” on May 2, calling the Mexican holiday “Cinco de Mayweather” rather than Cinco De Mayo.

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Mayweather’s Showtime comments prompted a response from Pacquiao that “Mayweather can get the amount he wants,” and that “Money is not the issue in our fight.” Pacquiao also challenged Mayweather to “engage me in a slugfest” if the fight ever happens.

“It’s so crazy that once he sees that I said I do want the fight to happen and let’s make the fight happen, now he wants to say that Mayweather won’t stand there and slug with me. Last time I checked, it’s not called slugging. It’s called boxing. I mean, that’s what happened in the Marquez fight,” said Mayweather, who turns 38 in February.

Pacquiao’s loss followed a toe-to-toe battle against Marquez, whom Mayweather unanimously decisioned in September 2009. Pacquiao rebounded with a unanimous decision over Brandon Rios in November 2013.

“You was trying to play tough guy and we see what happened,” said Mayweather. “It’s about working smarter, not harder. When he was fighting Brandon Rios, he wasn’t slugging. He was boxing. It’s obvious he must know that he’s not going to win. He feels that in his heart. Like every other fighter trying to bait me into slugging, that’s not going to happen.”

Mayweather’s nose was bloodied during a unanimous decision over Cotto in May 2012, and Mayweather suffered a cut over his right eye from a head-butt in the fourth round of his majority decision over Marcos Maidana this past September.

“Even though I know I’m bigger and I’m stronger than [Pacquiao], and I’m smarter than him, we don’t believe in taking no punishment,” said Mayweather, who beat Maidana by unanimous decision in a rematch in May. “The cool thing about Floyd Mayweather’s career is I was able to dish out punishment, not take punishment, make a lot of money, and have all my faculties.

“What’s so crazy is they’re always talking about Floyd Mayweather fights are boring. I mean, it’s an art and last time I checked, I’m an artist, and I paint a beautiful picture. A bloody mouth, a bloody nose, cut lip, broken ribs, that’s not beautiful on me.”