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David Lemieux TKO 10 Gabriel Rosado live round-by-round updates

Dec has live round-by-round updates of Saturday’s HBO-televised middleweight clash in which David Lemieux scored a third-round knockdown on the way to a 10th-round technical knockout victory over Gabriel Rosado at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Referee Steve Willis called a halt to the fight at the 1:45 mark of the 10th. Lemieux out-landed Rosado, 227-to-142, overall, including an advantage in power shots (178-to-105).

Lemieux landed 168 punches to the head of Rosado, 58 to the left side, 57 to the right, and, 53 to the chin. Lemieux landed a total of 59 body shots.

The 25-year-old Lemieux (33-2, 31 knockouts) is riding an eight-bout winning streak, seven by knockout after his middleweight clash with Rosado (21-9, 13 KOs), a 28-year-old who has gone winless in his past five bouts, four of which were against undefeated fighters.

Lemieux was coming off a resounding victory over former title challenger Fernando Guerrero, dropping the southpaw four times en route to a sensational third-round stoppage in May.

Rosado, meanwhile, had goin without a victory against unbeaten boxers over the course of his previous four bouts, being bloodied and stopped in two title challenges, suffering a disputed split decision loss-turned-no-decision in a third bout and losing by a wide unanimous decision in the fourth.

In January 2013, Rosado lost via bloody seventh-round stoppage to WBA middleweight titleholder Gennady Golovkin, ending his run of seven straight victories, five by knockout. In May 2013, Rosado lost a split decision in to J’Leon Love that became the no-decision after Love failed his post-fight drug examination.

In October 2013, Rosado rose from a second-round knockdown and was very much in contention en route to a 10th-round TKO loss to then-WBO middleweight titleholder Peter Quillin, a fight that was halted due to a severe cut over Rosado’s left eyelid.

After those three fights as a 160-pounder, Rosado returned to 154 in January, only to be cut yet again over the left eye during a one-sided unanimous decision loss to Jermell Charlo.

The HBO broadcast begins at 10 p.m.


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Lemieux vs. Rosado

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Referee: Steve Willis

Judges: Don Ackerman, Julie Lederman, Kevin Morgan

Gabriel Rosado enters the ring first wearing a red, white and blue, star spangled outfit befitting his Puerto Rican heritage as well as the flag of that nation and the American flag.

Lemieux enters wearing a black and gold robe robe.


Round 1: Fighters are at ring center. Lemieux jab three times to establish himself. Lemieux does so yet again, and then lands a hard right to the head and another to the body. Solid start. Right by Rosado and a left. Three more jabs by Lemieux, still moving forward. Right over the top by Rosado. Three jabs by Rosado. Right by Lemieux, who also takes a right to the jaw. Good fight so far. Jab by Lemieux, right uppercut from Rosado in retreat. Right to the body by Lemieux. Jab and right by Rosado in retreat. Left and right by Rosado. Left hook by Lemieux, right by Rosado, hook by Lemieux. Good action. Rosado, 10-9.



Round 2: Rosado out-landed Lemieux, 21-19, in the first round. Good action early by Rosado, behind his jab. Lemieux moving foward throwing to the head and body. Right by Rosado, right by Lemieux. Rosado settling into a mode of allowing Lemieux to run into his shots. Double-right by Rosado. Right, left to the body by Lemieux, then right to the head. Right to the body by Lemieux. Right and double-jab by Rosado. Right to the body by Lemieux, right, left, right by Rosado. Rosado, 10-9; Rosado, 20-18.


Round 3: Fighters have both landed 37 punches through the first two rounds. HBO’s Steve Weisfeld has it even, 19-19. Uppercut by Rosado, and another both with his right hand. Jab by Rosado. Hard left hook wobbles Rosado. Right by Rosado. ROSADO DOWN FROM A LEFT HOOK. HE’S ON ONE KNEE. Rises at the count of six. Rosado clinching to stay alive. Rosado appears to be cut over the left eye yet again and taking punishment along the ropes. Hard right by Lemieux and lefts and rights to the head and body. Rosado’s left eye is closing swiftly. Lemieux pounding to the head and body, finding the left hook frequently. Lemieux, 10-8; Even 28-28


Round 4: Lemieux is pounding away early after landing 29 power shots in the previous round. Rosado is game, lands a right, but Lemieux comes back with his own left hand. Big uppercut by Rosado, right by Lemieux. Another right by Lemieux and a left. Double-left hook to the body and then another to the head by Lemieux. right and left by Rosado. Rosado has Lemieux on the ropes and then gets caught with a left hook that wobbles Rosado yet again. Great action, but Lemieux’s shots carry more of an effect. Lemieux gets nailed with a right and a left and another right hand. Rosado gets the better of the end of the round. Lemieux, 10-9; Lemieux, 38-37.


Round 5: Lemieux out-landed Rosado, 25-22, in the last round. Jab and right uppercut from Lemieux. They trade jabs. Left eye swelling shut for Rosado. Right by Rosado, in retreat. Left to the body by Rosado and a right to the head. Left to the body by Lemieux, right by Rosado. Another right by Rosado and a hook. Jab by Rosado. Right to the shoulder by Lemieux, jab by Rosado. Decent boxing by Rosado. Two left uppercuts by Rosado, right by Lemieux. Hook by Rosado. Right by Rosado. Good boxing. Rosado, 10-9; Even, 47-47


Round 6: Steve Weisfeld has it for Lemieux, 49-45. Rosado moving forward behind his jab, but takes a hard left hook. Jab, jab, right hand by Lemieux. Jab and right uppercut by Lemieux. Right by Lemieux and another. Hook by Lemieux again. Hook and left uppercut by Lemieux. Dominant round.
right and hook by Lemieux and another hook. Right and left by Lemieux and a right over the top. Left right by Rosado. Right and left by Lemieux and another left, the latter to the body. Rosado’s left eye nearly closed shut. Left hook, right to the head, left to the head by Lemieux. Lemieux, 10-9; Lemieux, 57-56.



Round 7: Weisfeld has it 59-54 for Lemieux. Rosado has eye checked by a doctor between rounds. Rosado taking early punishment from Lemieux equally from both hands. Right by Rosado. Right and left by Rosado. Jab, jab, right by Lemieux. Right, left by Lemieux. Rosado in retreat. Left uppercut by Rosado, jab, right to the body by Lemieux. Jab by Rosado. Jab by Rosado again. Right by Rosado. Right by Lemieux. Another hard right by Lemieux. Double-left hook and clean right by Lemieux. Solid round for Lemieux. Lemieux, 10-9; Lemieux, 67-65.



Round 8: Lemieux has out-landed Rosado, 122-79, in power shots. Weisfeld has it for Lemieux, 69-63. Lemieux is back to hammering Rosado on the ropes and at the center of the ring. They trade jabs, Lemieux’s is harder. Hook by Rosado. Right by Rosado. Hook by Lemieux. Jab by Rosado. Left and right to the body by Rosado. Right to the body by Lemieux. Double-jab and right hand by Rosado. Right by Rosado. Left to the body by Lemieux. Jab by Rosado. Right by Rosado. Lemieux, 10-9; Lemieux, 77-74.


Round 9: Lemieux out-landed Rosado, 16-13, in the last round. Double-jab early from Lemieux. Lemieux hammers home a right hand and then a left. Hard right to the body by Lemieux. Solid body work by Lemieux. Double-jab by Rosado. Hook by Rosado. Double-jab by Lemieux. Right to the body by Lemieux. Hard right and left by Rosado. Uppercut by Rosado. Jab by Rosado and a right. Right to the body and right uppercut by Lemieux. Jab to the body and head by Lemieux and a left to the body by Lemieux. Hook by Rosado. Left uppercut and three more lefts all to the body by Rosado. Right hands back up Lemieux, but Lemieux rocks Rosado with a right pryor to the bell. Lemieux, 10-9; Lemieux, 87-83.


Round 10: Weisfeld has it 88-82 for Lemieux, who still has Rosado hurt from the previous round. Rosado sent reeling from a head-swiveling right hand early and from behind an all out assault by Lemieux. One-sided round early. Referee Steve Willis appears to be getting close to stepping in. Hard right hand by Lemieux, left, right, left by Lemieux. DOCTOR BARRY JORDAN IS ON THE RING ROPES, WILLIS RESPONDS TO THE DOCTOR, ENDS THE FIGHT AT THE 1:45 MARK!!!!