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Terence Crawford UD 12 Ray Beltran live round-by-round updates

Nov has live round-by-round updates of tonight’s RING lightweight championship during which WBO titleholder Terence Crawford scored a near-shutout unanimous decision victory over No. 2-rated Raymundo Beltran at the CenturyLink Arena in Crawford’s native Omaha, Nebraska.

Crawford out-landed Beltran, 243-to-96 in overall punches, including 150-to-23 in jabs. Crawford landed 141 shots to the left side of Beltran’s head and 206 total blows to the head.

A rugged 33-year-old, Beltran (29-7-1, 17 knockouts) was 4-0-1 in his previous five fights. In facing Beltran at the CenturyLink, the 27-year-old Crawford (25-0, 17 KOs) was returning to the site where he scored four knockdowns on the way to June’s come-from-behind ninth-round stoppage victory over former featherweight beltholder Yuriorkis Gamboa, a previously unbeaten fighter.

Crawford defeated Gamboa before 10,943 of the former’s partisan fans as a followup to his unanimous decision that dethroned Ricky Burns for the WBO belt on Burns’ turf in Glasgow, Scotland, in March.

Prior to facing Crawford, Burns had battled to a controversial draw with Beltran, who floored Burns in the eighth round in Glasgow in September 2013. Burns’ jaw was badly broken against Beltran, requiring the surgical implantation of titanium plates in advance of the loss to Crawford.

The HBO Pay-Per-View broadcast begins at 10 p.m.


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Crawford vs. Beltran

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Referee: Mark Nelson

Judges: Adalaide Byrd and Cesar Ramos have it 119-109, and Bill Lerch, 120-108, ALL FOR CRAWFORD BY UNANIMOUS DECISION!!!!

Both fighters are in the ring, now.

RING announcer Michael Buffer: “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!”

Buffer introduces Beltran as “the uncrowned champion.”

Cheers for Crawford are deafening.




Round 1: Fighters are the center of the ring. Pawing with their jabs. Left hook by Beltran. They trade jabs. Right and two lefts by Crawford. Grazing shots. Beltran moving forward. Jab landing for Crawford. Beltran looking to close distance. Two jabs and a right by Crawford in retreat. Decent pressure from Beltran. Jab by Beltran. Jab to the body by Crawford. Right by Crawford. Left by Beltran and a clinch. Jab by Crawford and missed right. Crawford, 10-9.

Round 2: Crawford out-landed Beltran, 10-7, in the first round. More of the same from Crawford behind the jab. Crawford switches to southpaw stance. Right jab and the left cross landing for Crawford. Beltran still in pursuit. Solid right jab and lefts from Crawford. Beltran is undeterred, but has yet to land effectively. Long right lands by Beltran, but Crawford remains elusive. Piston jab and right hand out of the southpaw stance. Solid countering by Crawford. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 20-10.

Round 3: Crawford out-landed Beltran, 22-4, in the second round. Crawford is back to the orthodox stance and still boxing effectively. Beltran gets in a short left to the body and later a right to the head. Jab by Beltran, who still is being out-worked. Nice spin move off the ropes by Crawford, along with a jab and followup right. Beltran landing cleanly on occasion. Crawford able to remain at a distance, goes back to southpaw. Hard right hand by Beltran causes Crawford to stumble, but Crawford lands a right hook that hurts and backs up Beltran. Beltran in a corner takes a straight left and more punishment. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 30-27.

Round 4: HBO’s Steve Weisfeld has it 30-27 for Crawford. Beltran lands a right and left to the body following a busy stretch for Crawford early. Beltran still in pursuit, but still absorbing the jab out of the southpaw stance from Crawford. Jab still is landing for Crawford, one jab for Beltran. Jab by Crawford, long right by Beltran, whose right eye is showing some swelling. Crawford starting to creep forward behind the jab, yet again, out of the southpaw stance. Stiff jab. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 40-36.

Round 5 Crawford out-landed Beltran, 22-8, in the last round. Weisfeld has it for Crawford, 40-36. Beltran’s corner wants him to get busier and let his hands go, yet he still is being out-worked. Beltran trying to engage more but Crawford getting off and remaining at a distance, yet again, behind the jab and his right out of the southpaw stance. Nice hook by Beltran and a follow up right. Crawford comes back with a long left and two right hands. Crawford still in retreat. Left to the body by Crawford. Two long right jabs by Crawford, left to the body by Beltran. Crawford jabs about eight seconds prior to the bell. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 50-45.

Round 6: Crawford out-landed Beltran, 24-14, in the fifth round. Weisfeld has it for Crawford, 49-46. Pace has slowed somewhat. Crawford still out of the southpaw stance. Pawing and alternately firing the jab is Crawford. Beltran lands a left hook on the ropes before Crawford escapes. Right, left, and right by Crawford, who moves away. They trade jabs. Beltran’s left eye is beginning to swell. Straight left by Crawford. Excellent counter-punching by Crawford. Right hand by Beltran in side. Three jabs by Crawford, right by Beltran. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 60-54.

Round 7: Weisfeld has it for Crawford, 59-55. Crawford moving forward in the first half of the round, then retreats behind his jab. Beltran having trouble landing punches in succession. Crawford moving forward behind the jab as a southpaw as Beltran adjusts and retreats. Left by Crawford and two right jabs. Right hand by Beltran, another right by Beltran. Crawford goes downstairs with a left and then upstairs with two jabs. Crawford in pursuit once again behind the jab as Beltran is unable to sustain his attack. Crawford switches to orthodox over the final 10 seconds. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 70-63.

Round 8: Crawford out-landed Beltran, 13-10, in the last round, and Crawford has landed 80 punches to the left side of Beltran’s face. Weisfeld has it for Crawford, 69-64. Crawford lands a straight left and later two jabs. Left cross by Crawford, who retains his advantage in activity. Beltran fails to take advantage and throw punches when Crawford’s on the ropes. Back to the southpaw stance, Crawford jabbing, but takes a decent overhand right. Again, Crawford gets off the ropes after landing two jabs, but takes a decent left hook from Beltran. Crawford lands a long jab as a southpaw, which yet again has pocketed another round. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 80-72.

Round 9: Crawford stil the busier early, but Beltran chases him to the ropes and lands twice. Triple-jab by Crawford out of the southpaw stance. Long right to the body and grazing left by Beltran. Left uppercut inside from Crawford and two right jabs. Hard left hand by Beltran and another. Crawford appears unfazed. Right and left by Crawford as a leftie. Jab and left uppercut by Crawford. Left hook by Beltran, two more shots by Crawford. Three more jabs by Crawford. Beltran, 10-9; Crawford, 89-82.

Round 10: Weisfeld has it for Beltran, 88-83. Hard left by Crawford as a southpaw. Good retreating by not running by Crawford. Jab, right hook, jab by Crawford, and a straight left. Crawford standing his ground in the center of the ring. Left uppercut by Crawford. Right jabs by Crawford back up Crawford. Two, three more. Beltran down, but it’s ruled a slip. Solid jab by Beltran, but Crawford regains pois behind his jab. Left to the body after the double-jab by Crawford as a southpaw. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 99-91.

Round 11: Weisfeld has it for Crawford, 98-92. Crawford out-landed Beltran, 19-7, in the last round. Beltran has to step up the intensity and fight with more urgency, but Crawford’s boxing is making it difficult to do so. Straight left by Crawford as a leftie. Another straight left by Crawford. Solid jabs and left crosses from Crawford. Right hand by Beltran on the ropes, but then, Crawford turns him and punds away. Left to the body by Crawford, right jab, two more lefts to the body and two to the head all force Beltran to retreat. Crawford is hammering away and beating up Crawford in a neutral corner. Crowd loves it. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 109-100.

Round 12: Weisfeld has it for Crawford, 108-101 for Crawford, who out-landed Beltran, 28-3 in the last round. Crawford pressing forward and landing repeatedly the jab and left out of the southpaw stance. Crawford appears to be pressing for the knockout. Hard jabs and left hands. Crawford pounding the body and hammering Beltran to the head and body on the ropes. Hard left hook from Beltran is taken well by the retreating Crawford. Another left by Beltran, who also had landed a right. Crawford, 10-9; Crawford, 119-109.