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Randy Caballero on Stuart Hall: ‘I’m ready to take this guy out’


A fired-up Randy Caballero says he’s prepared to score a knockout in Saturday’s IBF bantamweight title bout against ex-beltholder Stuart Hall at Salle des etoiles, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

“There is nothing in particular about him that I’m concerned about,” said Caballero, who turned 24 last month. “Don’t get me wrong, he’s been a world champion, and any guy like that is dangerous. Anything can happen in the ring. One punch can change the whole fight. But I think that I’m 100 percent ready and prepared to take this title.”

Caballero (21-0, 13 knockouts), a top prospect from the Coachella Valley area of Southern California, will be after his sixth consecutive stoppage victory and was last in action for an eighth-round technical knockout of Kohei Oba before the veteran’s partisan fans in Japan in April. Caballero says he has been further incited by comments from Hall.

Not only has Hall (16-3-2, 7 KOs) said that Caballero is “in for the shock of his life,” but the British contender added that he’ll be “taking Caballero to places he’s never been before.”

In his last fight in June 7, Hall, 34, was dethroned as IBF beltholder following a unanimous decision loss to Paul Butler, who subsequently announced he was vacating the title in order to return to the junior bantamweight division.

“Caballero is unbeaten and has a lot of knockouts. So what?,” Hall told “He has an unbeaten record but records are for DJs.”

Caballero had more to say about facing Hall in this Q&A: How has training gone?

Randy Caballero: Training went good. Training’s over. It went wonderful. I felt good during the training camp and I feel more than 100 percent ready to win this title and to bring it home. We trained very hard, and I’m ready to go.


RTV: How have your sparring partners been as far as emulating Hall’s style?

RC: The sparring partners were great. We’ve worked with the tall guys, and we’ve worked with one guy coming forward, one moving. Whatever he’s ready to throw at us, we’re ready for everything.

If he’s ready to go to war, then so be it, but if he does, then he’s going to get himself into a lot of trouble that way. Like I said, the guys that I have been sparring are way bigger than he is.

So these guys weren’t able to push me back, so I think that if he tries to push me back, there is no way that he’s going to be able to push me back. I think that I’m just going to take it to him.


RTV: What are your advantages and what aspect of his game do you respect?

RC: There is nothing in particular about him that I’m concerned about. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been a world champion, and any guy like that is dangerous because anything can happen in the ring.

One punch can change the whole fight. But I think that I’m 100 percent ready and prepared to take this title. As he has said, I’m young and I’m hungry and I’m a little boy.

But if he thinks that I’m a little boy, then he’s making a mistake, because I believe that he’s the old man and I’m the young man who is 100 percent ready to win this title.


RTV: At one point, didn’t he say that you’re in for the shock of your life?

RC: Oh, definitely. This guy has said a lot. He’s even said that he’s going to knock me out. I don’t know where that’s coming from or where he thinks he has the power to do something like that.

If he thinks that, then let him dream big, but you know what? He’s the one who is in for a shock that might even end his career the way that I’m thinking, because I’m strong, I’m fast, and I’m ready to take this guy out.


RTV: As fired up as you are, is there a danger or a chance that you might be over-hyped and unable to reel in your emotions enough to execute in a structured manner?

RC: Oh, no. My game plan is set. I know what I’m going inside the ring to do. We trained exactly for him and we know what we’re getting in to, and we’re going to stick to our game plan.

Our plan is to throw him off of his game, and I’m pretty sure that with my game plan, that we’re going to throw him off. He has said that I won’t last the 12 rounds, but that’s what training camp is for.

You train for 12 rounds. My eliminator was a 12-round fight, but I just finished it early, and every fight that I go into, I make sure that I’m ready for those fights.

So if he thinks that he’s going to take me into the deeper waters, and into the later rounds, and that I won’t be able to hang in there, and if he thinks that it’s going to make a difference that I’ve never been 12 rounds with someone like him, then, you know, it’s just the hype of the fight.

This guy really has another thing coming because I’m young, and I’ve trained hard for this fight and I’m hungry and I want that title. I’m not leaving Monte Carlo without it.


RTV: Do you think that he underestimates you in any way?

RC: Not only that, but this title shot was not just handed to me. If I win this title, I had to work hard to get that title. Me having to travel and me never turning down the fight, and just fighting anybody that they’ve put in front of me.

Sending me to wherever I needed to be sent in order to fight. I did it. There is no one who can say that anything was handed to me or that I’ve been babied. This whole time, I’ve worked hard my whole life. I think that I deserve this. I’m ready to win this title.


RTV: Did fighting in Japan help you in advance of this fight, which is abroad, yet again?

RC: Well, in the amateurs, I went to Istanbul, Turkey, but that’s the amateurs. In my last fight, I just came back from Japan where I beat the guy in his home town in Japan.

So that’s gotten me ready to fight in Monte Carlo or anywhere else. But I’ll fight anywhere around the world, because once we’re inside of that ring, it’s just me and him and nobody else.

It doesn’t matter where we’re at in this world. Once we’re inside of that squared ring, it’s just me and him and no one else. There is gonna be no one else in there to help him.

This fight is going to to be televised in many different countries, from South Africa and to China and all around the world. A lot of people are going to see this fight.


RTV: Do you envision this fight going the distance, or are you expecting to earn your sixth straight knockout?

RC: I never walk into a fight saying that I’m going to knock this guy, because, like I’ve said, anything can happen in a fight in this sport. If the knockout comes, then that will be great.

If I know that this guy is hurt and that he can’t take too much more punishment, then I’ll go in and try to finish him off. But if it goes 12 rounds, then it will go 12 rounds.

But, me, personally, I do believe that I can stop this guy, early. I think that with what I’m capable of doing in the ring, I don’t think that he’s been in the ring with someone like me.

He’s mentioned some of the fighters that he’s been in with, which are old fighters who are washed out. He’s talking about me being a little boy, the young guys that he’s fought have beaten him. If he’s never been stopped, then he’s in for a treat tomorrow night.