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Nicholas Walters TKO 6 Nonito Donaire live round-by-round updates


[springboard type=”video” id=”1054221″ player=”ring003″ width=”648″ height=”511″ ] has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s sixth-round technical knockout by unbeaten RING No. 3-rated featherweight Nicholas Walters over RING No. 4-rated Nonito Donaire, who was floored twice and dethroned as WBA beltholder at StubHub Center in Carson, Calif.

Walters (25-0, 21 knockouts) floored Donaire (33-2, 22 KOs) with a right uppercut in the third round and dropped him for good, face-first, with a right to the temple at the 2:59 mark of the final round.

Donaire rose on unsteady legs to be the count, but referee Raul Caiz had seen enough and waved an end to the bout.

Walters, 28, had an overall advantage in punches landed (85-to-40), power shots (41-to-36) and jabs (44-to-4) in the bout, representing his fifth consecutive stoppage victory. Donaire was bleeding from cuts over both eyes.

Donaire, 31, had last been action for a fifth-round technical decision that dethroned Simpiwe Vetyeka as WBA beltholder in May, scoring a fourth-round knockdown en route to winning his sixth major title (as well one RING championship) in a fourth weight class.

On the Donaire-Vetyeka undercard, Walters scored a fifth-round stoppage of two-division titleholder Vic Darchinyan, whom he dropped once in the second round and twice in the fifth.

Donaire has twice beaten Darchinyan, stopping him in the fifth round as flyweights in July 2007 and again for a come-from-behind ninth-round knockout in November, one bout prior to Darchinyan’s loss to Walters.

Walters and Donaire weighed in at 125.5 pounds each, and re-hydrated to 138 and 133, respectively.

The HBO broadcast will began at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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Donaire vs. Walters

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Referee: Raul Caiz Jr.

Judges: Adalaide Byrd, Steve Morrow, Tom Taylor.

Fighters have both been introduced by ring announcer Michael Buffer.


Round 1: Fighters at ring center. Walters stalking, Donaire circling gradually. Probing jabs that miss by each fighter. Left to the body by Nicholas. Left uppercut for Donaire grazes. Right by Walters, left by Donaire. Jab and right by Walters. DONAIRE DOWN, but it’s ruled a slip. Double-jab by Walters. Jab and right by Walters. Left hook by Donaire. Good pressure from Walters. Jab by Walters, two hooks to the body by Donaire. Jab by Walters to end the round. Walters, 10-9.

Round 2: Walters out-landed Donaire, 8-4, in the first round. Walters contiinues to move forward behind the stiff jab. Left to the body by Donaire. They trade lefts, and then another left to the body by Donaire. Two right hands to the head by Donaire, beating Walters to the punch. Jab to the body and right to the head by Donaire. Another right by Donaire to the head and then he retreats. Hard right to the body by Donaire. He’s warned for straying low. They trade lefts, but Walters’ lands harder. Hard right by Donaire. Good action. WALTERS STUNNED AND SHAKEN BY A LEFT HOOK AT THE BELL. Donaire, 10-9; Even, 19-19.

Round 3: Donaire is cut and picks up where he left off. Good left hook early by Donaire. Donaire is countering well. Right by Donaire. Left to the body and the head by Walters. Hard jab and right by Donaire. Another right by Donaire and a hook by Walters. Good left uppercut by Donaire and a right by Walters. Double-jab by Donaire. Jab by Walters. Solid exchanges with their jabs. Right by Walters. HARD RIGHT UPPERCUT DROPS DONAIRE. He rises. Walters coming after him. Donaire lands a hook, but Walters lands a right. Walters, 10-8; Walters, 29-27.

Round 4: Harold lederman has it for Walters, 29-27. Great fight. Walters moving forward behind the jab with confidence. Right by Donaire and a double-jab. Walters still moving forward with mean intentions. Donaire pumping the jab, Walters, an occasional stiff jab. Hard left to the body and right to the head by Walters. Left and right by Walters. Right by Donaire. Left and right by Walters. Donaire bleeding profusely from the right eye. Solid jab and body work by Walters. Walters, 10-9; 39-36.

Round 5: Lederman has it for Walters, 39-36. Double-jab by Walters on the attack. More solid jabs from Walters after a Donaire miss. Left hook by Walters re-directs Donaire. Donaire standing his ground but takes another jab. Lead right by Donaire and another. Right by Donaire, left by Walter. Hook by Donaire, right by Walters and a hook also. Solid exchanges. Right uppercut by Walters. Right to the head by Walters, left by Donaire. Left to the body by Donaire and one also by Walters. Right uppercut and jab by Walters. Two rights by Walters on the ropes. Walters getting the better of the exchange and pressuring on the ropes as the bell sounds. Walters, 10-9; Walters, 49-45.

Round 6: Walters out-landed Donaire, 21-10 in the last round. Lederman has it for Walters, 49-45. Walters continues his steady pressure and probing for the shot. Donaire bleeding from both eyes. Jab and right by Donaire. Right by Donaire in retreat. Left, right and right by Walters all to the head. They trade rights. Donaire’s back against the ropes more frequently as Walters presses forward. Walters banging to the head and body evenly. Triple-jab by Walters. Right by Donaire. Right by Walters. Jab and right by Walters. HARD RIGHT HAND HIGH ON THE HEAD AT THE TEMPLE DROPS DONAIRE FACE-FIRST PRIOR TO THE BELL. HE’S UP, BUT RAUL CAIZ WAVES AN END TO THE FIGHT!!!