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Oscar De La Hoya: ‘I’ve talked to Al Haymon about various possibilities’


Golden Boy President Oscar De La Hoya says he has “talked to Al Haymon about various possibilities” for matching his boxers against those from Top Rank, whose CEO, Bob Arum, has also discussed making “Miguel Cotto against Canelo Alvarez” with De La Hoya.

De La Hoya and Arum made their assertions on Tuesday night’s episode of HBO’s “The Fight Game with Jim Lampley.”

On the show, the one-time rivals broached what the host called their “reconciliation” toward ending their promotional “Cold War” as well as soothing the rancor between Arum and Haymon, the powerful advisor whose many fighters, including Floyd Mayweather Jr., have traditionally been promoted by Golden Boy.

“I have talked to Al Haymon about various possibilities, various fights that we can make and he has expressed a lot of interest. One thing, Jim, about me is that I want to satisfy the consumer. That’s the bottom line, because the fans deserve the very best,” said De La Hoya, who visited Arum in his Las Vegas-based offices last week.

“This is not easy to put together. This relationship between Bob and I is not an easy one where we can just make fights happen. The great thing about this relationship is that we’ve already started the dialogue, and the door is wide open to do some business in the near future. So this will take time, but I can assure you, to all the fans out there, that we will make this happen.”

Arum called his relationship with De La Hoya “totally repaired” after a meeting in May.

“Oscar and I are going to talk later this week,” said Arum, in response to Lampleys’ question about what matchups he could make with De La Hoya-promoted boxers.

“But certainly one of them that comes to mind is one that every fight fan wants to see, and that’s middleweight champion Miguel Cotto against Canelo Alvarez.”